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Cary SLI-80 Thoughts?
The Cary is the best integrated I've used, by a good margin. I've owned the Cayin, Pathos Classic, Rogue, and many others. All good, but the Cary is the keeper for me. 
Classe move to China
Fiddler- great smackdown, and well deserved. 
Classe move to China
Rdavwhitaker- your post was very informative and well written.Thanks for sharing! 
What do you like in an inexpensive tube integrated
I've owned 2 SLI- 80 amps in the past 10 years- never had an issue. 
Classe move to China
Nonoise- Boards of Directors are supposed to be profit driven- you make profit sound like a moral disease. In my opinion, profits are not the problem...the pursuit of profit/self-interest without an underpinning of ethics and empathy is the real i... 
Classe move to China
Rich- Understood . Thanks! 
Classe move to China
Rich,I agree with much of your statement, and for the most part I am a free trade proponent. However, I must disagree with one statement you made...that there is no difference in Us dollars going to the UK or to China.If I have a choice when I buy... 
Classe move to China
Onhwy61- Marx and Lenin could not be further apart in their interpretation of communism. Perhaps you meant Marx and Engels? Lenin was a simple, ignorant hack compared to Marx. Lenin's most valuable political tool was his amoral, ruthless nature.As... 
What do you like in an inexpensive tube integrated
I've owned the Stingray, Cayin, and Cary SLI-80, among others. I've always preferred the Cary by a wide margin. You can sometimes find the Cary for around 1500 used, but they sell extremely quickly. 
Classe move to China
Lenin said a lot of things, real and imagined , but was in fact a delusional mass murderer...his views on Capitalism should be taken with a grain of salt. Capitalism and Greed are not the same thing. A lot of the ills assigned to Capitalism are in... 
Rick Schultz`s new cable
So Virtual Dynamics disappears but Rick is still selling cables? What's his new company called? Did he close out Virtual Dynamics without leaving any buyers hanging? I'm just curious. 
TAS and the Martin Logan Source
I think the Creeknwould be fine so long as your room is not immense. 
tube amp not turning on
Replace fuse. Report back. 
$1000 player or dac recommendation
I would look for a used Burson DA160, Rega, or Eastern Electric DAC. I would not buy another CD player. 
Your Worst WAF Incident
Viridian stole my wife.