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Tech That Flopped!
@erik_squires I think you need to do a little more research . Sealed does not mean Acoustic suspension. Here you go! 
Tech That Flopped!
And how many Acoustic suspension speakers are still around? Not many! 
Tech That Flopped!
ESL!  Are you kidding? 
Manley Chinook question
Near half the retail price? He be a waitin' till the cows come home! 
Refurbish vs New Amplifier?
Why not call Krell and ask them what it will cost? 
Best integrated for PSB Imagine T2's
Check out Bryston! 
Incredible deal on incredible amp
Why  not try TMR AUDIO? If they buy it you will not have to pay any seller or paypal fees. I’ve dealt with them and they are very reputable! 
My Home Speakers, My Car, and Me...The Ballad of What's Going Wrong?
It sounds like your system is out of phase. Try reversing the polarity on one speaker and see if that helps! 
SME Tonearm Question
SME did supply the Van den hul (VDH D 501) DIN connector tonearm cable with all their arms. Maybe they don’t include it anymore. You should Email them for an answer! 
Which Mid Level Turntables Ship Well and Are Foolproof?
If you are worried about shipping risk,why not buy the new Rega from the dealer?  BTW, any turntable if packed correctly should not be damaged in shipping! 
Check out Lamm! 
Denon PMA757 Integrated Amp ....power question
It should be fine! 
Phono preamp question
If you want to try a tube phono preamp,you should give this a try. You can return it if you don’t like it! this! 
Moving up from Totem Arro
+1 Harbeth P3ESR! There is a mint pair listed here for $1550. You should make an offer on them! 
A vote for the little guy suppliers
Parks Audio-Tube phono preamps and SUTS!