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Considering buying a CD transport
I'm intrigued by the Pro-ject CD Box RS, but have not auditioned it. Well under your budget. 
Looking for the good sounding Pre Amplifier
Since you say you love the sound of your NAD with the CD player connected directly but need a way to control volume, I strongly recommend you try a passive preamp. In all likelihood, it will preserve that sound you love better than any active prea... 
San Jose, CA
The SF Audiophile Society (I'm the membership director) is inclusive of the entire Bay Area. I do appreciate the desire to get clubs together at a very local level, just want to be sure you know about us. http://sanfranciscoaudiophilesociety.com/ 
Your favorite recent discovery
Gretchen Peters, BlackbirdsJoan Shelley, her two albums 
VAC Signature 2a Preamp Question
it is a rack update time for youI think he's right, Alon. 
Speaker suggestion for Pass Labs Int-150
Another recommendation for Larsen speakers. They are designed to go up against the wall and I'm very confident they would work superbly with your Pass amp. 
High value, high efficiency speakers for SET amps
There's something incredibly off-putting on the Tekton website. Go with Zu. 
Is the Dunlavy SC-3A's a good speaker for HT?
I have a pair of SC-IIIA's that need a new home, if anyone is interested. SF Bay Area, 
Your thoughts about ATC loudspeakers
Great responses, everybody. Thank you.The new SCM40 apparently features a new, ATC-designed tweeter. Not sure how it compares to whatever they were using before. 
My stereo isn't doing it for me. Need advice
+1 to Stringreen's suggestion. A good way to find out if the system ahead of the speakers is at fault. 
Clayton Audio Class A amps. Need amp advice
I second the recommendation to try the Merrill amps. They have other models at lower price points than the Veritas. And there are several other Hypex Ncore-based amps out there. 
max spade width for plastic covered binding posts
Those binding posts are driving me (to) bananas.The ones with tabs restrict not only the width of the spade but the position at which you make the connection, and that position is often inconvenient or even impossible. They must have some benefit ... 
Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever?
Nice review. I especially appreciate your decision to wait a while before pronouncing judgement. Too many people jump the gun with conclusions in this hobby.Has anyone here tried the passives from Tortuga Audio? I haven't, but they use LDR technol... 
Speakers or Amplifier
This makes me sad. You just got the Aerial speakers, then changed your amp, then got the Bricasti and now you want to make another change? This soon? I don't know you, Ricredi, but from here it looks like you have a seriously acute case of the aud... 
How does one get off the merry-go-round?
You're suggesting a critical judgment of audiophiles but not of other hobbies. I doubt that's true. Obviously some audiophiles feel it's constructive and others see issues with it, such that they might frame it as being on a Merry-Go-Round. I'm su...