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Building the Audio Note Kit 1 SET amp...
I share everyone 's excitement and enthusiasm for the outcome and for Rebbi's generous sharing of his journey. Regarding Almarg's comment above, is there an important takeaway for operating tube amps? I've known that tube amps don't like to be ope... 
Bricasti M1 DAC vs PS Audio Direct Stream DAC
My advice would be to upgrade the Transport before looking to change Dacs.+1 
The Audio Critic
Try to find copies of his magazine and keep them as a reference to be consulted whenever you feel as if you are drowning in BS.I feel like I'm drowning in it right now. 
Anyone else own EPI/Epicure "back in the day?"
I had EPI 150s around 1973-76 or so. Like Rebbi, I wish I still had them to see how they stack up because they were pretty darn good as I recall. Whatever I "upgraded" to was probably a downgrade. 
Building the Audio Note Kit 1 SET amp...
By the way, Tvad is a happy Audio Note owner, last I checked with him. 
Do you enjoy the sound at your local Theater Plex?
We saw Interstellar at an iMax theater last week. Wow -- possibly the greatest cinema experience I've ever had. Not necessarily a great movie, but damn, what a trip on the super big screen. Didn't seem too loud either. 
Do you enjoy the sound at your local Theater Plex?
Thanks Czarivey. Here in the SF Bay Area, as far as I know, we don't have any premium theaters of that kind. But after I posted my earlier comment, I remembered going to a theater like that in Hollywood a few years ago and being knocked out by the... 
Do you enjoy the sound at your local Theater Plex?
I'd like to know of some specific theaters that use Meyer or Bryston. I think both of those brands are far too expensive for movie theaters, but would like to be wrong about that. 
Stereo power amp for $10k
Given the efficiency of the Morels and your low- mid-volume listening, you might also consider a Pass XA30.5 or XA30.8. Would save you some money, too. 
Tell me about the Ortolan Cadenza Black
I think lots of folks prefer the Cadenza Bronze to the Black, if that's an option for you. The Bronze is less expensive. 
Comparing the Pass Labs XA30.5 to the XA 30.8
A late post to this thread. I just read Srajan's 6moons review of the 30.8, which I highly recommend. In it, he does comparisons with two of Nelson's First Watt amplifiers and talks about their "lit from within" quality compared to the relatively ... 
This might just be the end of brick and mortar
I have always interpreted MD's earlier 30-day policy as effectively an in-home demo, though I don't think I've ever tested it. My guess is the change to 60 days is to match Crutchfield. I doubt it will increase the volume of returns for them (30 d... 
Quality issues with Tekton speakers....
Only in group settings. We used to call it a circle jerk, but in the era of social media, it's more commonly called a Groupon. 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
Petero, do you have any experience with the current 8008? Wondering how well it stacks up against the older classic designs. 
Best way to output hi res files to DAC?
>Since SQ isn't critical given the raw digital outputSorry to tell you this, but it turns out that SQ =is= an issue even with raw digital output.