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Hyperacusis. Looking for recommendations
I’ve been listening to the Peachtree GaN400 amp, which has an exceptionally low noise floor. Surprisingly, it is an excellent match with my Zu Omen Dirty Weekend speakers. The Zu has basically no crossover (just a single cap on the super tweeter).... 
American Audio
Check out https://americanmadeaudio.com/  
Roon - 10 Things You Don't Know
Thank you, Chris. The video Is excellent, I definitely learned some things. 
Kingko KA-101 Integrated Tube Amplifier
Big Ear Stereo no longer shows Kingko on its website. Ghasley or anyone have  anything to add about this amp, which is now in an improved version? 
ATC SCM 40 v2 report
Marc, can you say more about the ATCs at low volume? Seems you may feel they have shortcomings there. 
Doge 8 Clarity with tube upgrade or Primaluna EVO 300
I recently tried to get work done on my older Doge 8 and have discovered that apparently there is no service for the brand in the US, despite what the website says. In fact, Doge does not have service manuals or a process for supportino anyone att... 
Anyone been able to compare the SQ of Roon Nucleus vs. MacBook Air?
Thank you, @docknow. In your change, there was a second variable, the playback software (iTunes replaced by Roon). That may have contributed to the sonic improvements you heard. 
Anyone been able to compare the SQ of Roon Nucleus vs. MacBook Air?
Jbuhl, I look forward to learning about your results. As well as anyone’s experience specific to the original question — how SQ compares between Mac running Roon vs a Roon Nucleus. You would hope for an improvement with the dedicated Nucleus, but ... 
OMG... Joe Henry
Joe and Rodney Crowell perform together on ACL: Americana Honors on some PBS stations tomorrow (Saturday, 11/23). Other great acts, too.Also, see this excellent piece: http://tinyurl.com/s93l7tl  
Yggy DAC
How are you doing the A-B? If you are switching rapidly, you are not likely to hear differences. Listen to each for a while, pause, then play the same selection(s) through the second DAC. 
Your thoughts about ATC loudspeakers
I'm the OP of this thread and I'm pleased that it's yielded an enduring, informed discussion. As for me, I remain interested in ATC but have not made a move. One concern that's emerged for me is whether ATC speakers do well at low volume listening... 
Why do Harbeth P3ESRs sound different?
If you're in or near the SF Bay Area, you can compare to my mid 800s rosewoods.You might want to pose this to the US distributor, Walter Swanborn of Fidelis AV, or join the Harbeth User Group through the Harbeth UK website and ask there. And if yo... 
Rolling Stones Mono Box Set (lp or cd)
I was delighted to find that the entire 15-disc collection is available on Tidal.  
List of musicians changed career with better success...
>Pat Metheny and Mike Brecker who started with Joni Mitchel...That's some bad info there. 
Larsen Loudspeakers
I had a pair of Larsen 8s for the better part of 2015. They are handsome and work very well up close to the front wall. Surprisingly good bass and they throw an expansive sound stage, which they paint more with broad brushstrokes than with detaile...