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Parasound A21 vs Bryston 4bsst 2
>for those who say get the Bryston, is it twice as good as the Parasound? That's a poor way to frame the decision. The question you want to ask is whether the Bryston is $2,000 better, or whatever the price difference is. Diminishing returns ki... 
What's the greatest bargain in SET these days?
Great post, Rebbi. 
I'd like to know what the story is with NAD's new M22 stereo amp. They say it uses NCore technology, but at 250 wpc and $3,000 I don't see how it could be either the NC400 or NC1200 modules. Wonder how it sounds ... ? 
Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever?
Some transformer passives (maybe autoformers too) have gain, usually up to +6dB. 
It appears that you can use these as traditional power amps via their analog inputs, but the real performance happens when you use them with the fiber optic link from the Asynchronous Stream Controller. So this is really a different kind of beast ... 
State of the Source: Server, computer....or what?
I have heard the Baetis only at the recent California Audio Show and did not pay attention to the fan. Windows, as Kal stated. 
Aerial Acoustics 6T Speaker
Teajay, I just auditioned the 7T last week, but my local dealer does not have the 6T. Have you heard both? 
State of the Source: Server, computer....or what?
For me, the thing that distinguishes the Baetis is its galvanically isolated, dedicated SPDIF connection taken right from the motherboard. No PCI card. 
State of the Source: Server, computer....or what?
Another hat to throw into the ring is the Auralic Aries. Not a server per se, but I'm very curious to know how it compares sonically to the dedicated server solutions as it has some advantages in both flexibility and cost. Yet another is the serve... 
YG Carmels vs Rockport Atrias
Two years running, I believe YG speakers were powered by Triode @Axpona. I could be wrong, there so many rooms.Mt10425, Acoustic Zen has been showing with Triode at many shows, maybe that's what you remember. 
Dynaudio, Devore Orangutan, or Harbeth
I have owned the Dynaudio C1 and also several pairs of Harbeths. One comment I will make is that Dynaudio need a fair bit of power (more than either Harbeth and especially DeVore) and tend to not really come alive until you turn them up a bit. Ove... 
Dub tribal ambient downtempo music
Check out this, an album called Western Slope by an artist named Patch, formerly of Heavyweight Dub Champion out of Boulder. 
Is it the speakers?
I had Quad 57's for a long time before I (foolishly) started chasing something different with cone speakers. The Quads always gave a decisive read on the quality of recordings; some things in my collection were stunning and others were practically... 
What's the greatest bargain in SET these days?
Rebbi, you might want to take a look at Audion. Good value, very well built. 
Crossover Options for JL Audio F110 subs
In case you hadn't seen it, JL has just introduced its own external crossover, the CR-1. It looks really good.