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Tubelike SS Power amp
McIntosh MC 402. 
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers "The Live Anthology"
TP Rocks! One of the best bands in r&r. Count me in for all the formats. 
IC recommendations for McIntosh MC275
I have all McIntosh in my system and have used the Cardas GR with great success. I later upgraded my loudspeakers and McIntosh amps and found Cardas much too warm. I changed over to the new Kimber Select line and could`nt be happier. That being sa... 
Cardas Twinlink Interconnect
I`ve used Cardas for years including the TwinLink. Cardas cables are very well made. They take a long time to burn in but they are warm and muscial. Very easy to listen to and once in the system do not like to be moved. As always try in your syste... 
Grateful Dead Mars Hotel
Mars is great, get it. 
Les Paul dead at 84 nt.
R.I.P Les Paul. You were a true musician and genius. 
Ac cords or power conditioning first?
dedicated ac with good receptacles first.....depending on your equipment then try some power cords and do conditioning last if needed. get as many dedicated ac as you can get. for whats it worth I have 4 dedicated 20 amp circuits and they made the... 
any other XLR interconnects i should demo?
Kimber Select KS 1116. 
Tommy Emmanuel
yep I`m a fan....he is really good. 
kimber 1016 ????
I`ve used the Kimber Select cables for years. The KS series are Kimbers top of the line. The KS 1016 has more conductors and gives the listener a well balanced presentation of the music. The characterics of the cable is well defined in the bass an... 
McIntosh Revel & JL
Hey Pops, good to see you again. I really like the MC501`s with the Thiels. My dealer ran this combo alot and man it was sweet. 
Interconnects with smooth highs 4 Manley Stingray
Kimber Select KS 1036 is awesome. The new KS series are more full bodied and dynamic. The KS 1026 and 1126 gets close to the performance of the 1036/1136 at a lower cost. 
power cable factory versus brand name gauges
Mjordanas,Your results mirror those of mine. I know that my equipment was voiced using the stock pc`s not the `high end` power cord. I have spoke with the manufacturers of my system and they recommended the stock pc. The `own signature sound` is h... 
McIntosh Revel & JL
Do the dedicated circuits first. Use your stock cords on your McIntosh equipment, amp. preamp, and the mighty 500, all stock. Plug your sources in the line conditioner MCP1500 ;) including the pre. Keep your Kimber Kable as is. 
Marshall Tucker Band-Anyone else get them?
MTB is very underrated. The guys can really play and jam when need to. My fav is `Where We All Belong` but they are all good especially the early ones.