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Power cord for CJ MF2500A
CJ like McIntosh recommends their stock power cords. That said many do change out the iec or use aftermarket power cords. It may not sound any better just different. I use Kimber PK10 Palladians throughout my system and they're amazing but I do li... 
Kimber Palladian PK10 vs PK14?
Branislav...great choice on the Kimber Palladian pc's. Once in your system they will never leave. 
Cardas Cables
Cardas is a first class company that makes wonderful cables. George and Colleen are two down to earth people who care about their products and provide excellent customer service. I'm happy to call them friends. 
PC recommendation for McIntosh 501's
Aldog,I reread your post. Try the Kimber PK10 Palladian if you are looking for a neutral sound. Articulate bass, better dynamics, free of grain and a sense of ease are just some of the characteristics of the power cord. 
PC recommendation for McIntosh 501's
My thoughts mirror those of Pops. However I would like to add a few. McIntosh recommends to use their stock pc's on their amps and sources and concentrate on dedicated 20 amp AC for the amps, preamp and respected sources. Also invest in room treat... 
Kimber's new KS 6000 SC
I read the KS3033, 35, 38 get the extra conductors and perhaps better connections at the amp and speaker ends. There's also a hefty price much more than the regular KS speaker line. I use the KS line and Palladians throughout my system also and in... 
Need help with IC upgrade Cardas Golden Cross
Kimber Select. 
Cardas Cables
George Cardas and Colleen are very nice people. They make great cables and provide top of the line customer service. Cardas is a first class company run by first class people. 
Balanced cables for McIntosh
I use Kimber Select with my McIntosh system. Great results! 
Kimber Palladian PK10 vs PK14?
Enjoy your new Kimber power cords. 
Leon Russell
One of my favs. Leon and the Shelter People, Carney, Asylum Choir II, Live, Hank Wilsons Back. He's great, hope to see him in Nashville sometime in April.......A Stranger In A Strange Land ;)) 
Kimber Palladian PK10 vs PK14?
I use the Kimber PK 10 Gold WattGate and AG (silver) on all sources and preamp. The amp and line conditioner get the Kimber PK 10 Palladians with the AG and CU WattGates. I've used the PK 14 and while it's a good power cord go with the PK 10 since... 
Upgrade Mcintosh C39 Preamp to tube suggestions?
I 2nd Audio Classics. I've bought lots of my McIntosh gear from there. 
B&W Matrix 802 S3 pairing with McIntosh amp
McIntosh/B&W are great together. I've used this combo for years with different McIntosh solid state amps. Most recently 802 Matrix S3 with a MC402. A classic combo! 
Power Conditioners
Two words. Sound Applications. Though expensive your ears and system will thank you. Teamed with Oyiade receptacles, Elrod power cords and 20 amp dedicated ac you'll be in audio heaven.