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What's a good power cord for conrad-johnson CT5?
CJ equipment like McIntosh, usually doesn't respond to well with aftermarket power cords. I've read and heard that if CJ and McIntosh wanted one to have a better pc then they would have supplied one. I know when my dealer would demo CJ the stock p... 
Amp for Thiel CS6
McIntosh 501's, 2301's (tube) and above. 
Cardas Cross vs. Kimber Silver Streak
If you like the Kimber products why not try the Kimber Hero which now comes in a hybrid and silver versions. The Hero might be what you looking for. The Cardas Cross is a great cable with a mellow musical sound which can be forgiving in some syste... 
Need advise on MC252 vs MC2102
check out www.audioaficionado.com 
Cables for MC501 & b&w 802d ?
I use Kimber Select with McIntosh and B&W's and have great sound. 
Is high end Power Conditioners worth the extra $$$
I used the Running Springs Audio Danielle and Duke with good results until I bought the Sound Applications. There are no comparsions and I would highly recommend trying the Sound Applications before spending big $$ elsewhere. The combination of de... 
How often do you get a chance to see live music
Here in Nashville there`s always live music. I catch a show about 2 times week. 
Elvis Presley Fans?
I`m a fan especially his early recordings. 
Kimber Palladian or Lessloss DFPC Original
I `ve have not heard the LessLoss but use Kimber Palladians throughout my system. What I have heard has been articulate bass, more dynamics, an organic sound with a sense of ease of the music, everything sounds smoother in the system and no fatigu... 
CDP for McIntosh MA6900
Marantz SA11S2, McIntosh MCD 301 or 500. 
best match for Macintosh MC352
MX 119 or MX 120. 
Thiel 2.3 Proceed gear speaker and interconnects
my thoughts mirror Pops. I use Kimber Selects throughout my system and they work well with Thiels. 
Who has dumped the power conditioner?
I second Tbg and the Sound Applcation. 
The Hot Dogs. AnyoneKnow?
saw them about 3 or 4 times as opening act at some Memphis shows. They are good. Highly recommended. 
Which power cord more important?
very good advice Audiogalore. Get your ac and receptacles right, then work on your room. worry about pc`s and line conditioners later is my advice, heck might not even need a exotic pc(s) or line conditioners after the ac and room are finished. bu...