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Mixing eras
Over and over thinking.  
New Audiogon URL restrictions are too much
Sounds like a personal problem.  
You tube hifi influencers. Love them or hate them?
It’s about view counts over honesty now. Phooey.  
Better cd SQ
A fine idea. Start with a better DAC and graduate to a transport.  
Do Axpona Exhibitors offer special deals on headphones at the show?
I got Focal headphones at Axpona cheap years ago. Nothing is cheap anymore.  
Preamp - what's the purpose?
A preamp is primarily a switching center. If you don't need it don't worry about it.   
Anybody Using a Portable Audio Player (DAP) As a Streamer?
@eddnog Beats me, doesn’t matter, all you can do is try. IBasso sounded good at their booth. I have an A&K and it sounds flat compared to my Cowon. This means squat ainregard to what you are attempting. Go for it.  
how do you stream ethernet quality in a non ethernet (wi fi only) room
The extender works well because it has better wi-fi than is built into most streamers.  A node router is even better.  
Anybody Using a Portable Audio Player (DAP) As a Streamer?
Hiby Cast didn’t work for me when I tried it but maybe I didn’t spend enough time with it. Luck to ya to make it work. Not supported like streamer OS software.  
Low Gain or Unity Gain Solid State Preamp
Look for a preamp that lets you set the gain for each input.  
Just FYI: Tidal is consolidating their HiFi and HiFi Plus tiers
I find it ironic that they refer to themselves as best in class after they fell for MQA.  
To loom or not to loom?
@1971gto455ho Welcome to the gibberish club. Glad to have you in. We have many upstanding members like @carlsbad2 and those that have chosen to ignore this nonsense like @jasonbourne52 Though cleverness was no objective I guess we should have ... 
To loom or not to loom?
No loom for me, especially this kind of salesmanship nonsense.  
Questioning my Oppo Sonica dac?
@danham  I know what the source is.. One DAC consistently reports 24 bits even with mp3s.     
Questioning my Oppo Sonica dac?
You are paying for better sound. If you can’t tell the difference, don’t pay. Every DAC I’ve ever owned displays the wrong resolution and/or bitrate. BFD