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The D'Appolito, MTM Configuration
Transparent Audio is anything but Transparent
Far out. A nice read.  
roon sound wasn't as good
But the server (core) usually matters far less than the player.    
Question about adjusting the balance
Your hearing might be unbalanced. Mine is. Since "listening" is the objective, adjust it by ear.  
Crackle and hiss on some albums
@bigtwin  I stand corrected. Maybe washing first is only magic but it works for me.    
Records and CDs
@rvpiano All true. Except.I’m currently listening to a huge Willie Dowling playlist. This can only be accomplished by playing local files. Or buying all of his Bandcamp tracks. Only a couple albums are on Qobuz.  
Crackle and hiss on some albums
Dust doesn’t make pops. Good luck getting rid of them short of editing them out digitally or serious electronic mitigation costing more than all of your analogue equipment together. View the pop/grooves with a microscope and you’ll see what you’r... 
MBL Owners: The "Why" Behind Our Choices and the Search for the Ultimate "Wow" Factor
We all? Count me out.  
Crackle and hiss on some albums
https://www.discogs.com/group/thread/671397 Clean them before first play with an ultrasonic cleaner and a release agent. Once the stylus "welds" them into the grooves it is too late. Buy a SweetVinyl Sugar Cube or live with it like the old days.  
Which turntable? Pro-Ject or VPI?
Neither. I already have a TT.  
Credenza or media stand for hiding away equipment
I’ve never cooked anything in a closed back custom built cabinet. But I don’t buy combo space heaters either I'm afraid that a custom build will be your only option. I've raised 2 generations of toddlers with no damage.    
Vinyl rips - still worth it?
Trouble enough for MJD. Silly post. One can download streamed music for "off internet" play. Tracks are scrambled for playback (for customers only) via the app. I have 40K+ tracks that I can "play anywhere", not requiring a TT or internet. I ca... 
A quick question on what streamers to consider.......
Worry about updates? Some old OSs totally sucked before recent updates. They ALL update before first play, like all digital devices and programs. Using Wi-Fi is recommended to a dedicated Wi-Fi receiver like a node system or an extender for rock s... 
Please be gentle with me! 🙏
Sounds better and frees up the phone for all other tasks. The phone becomes a full function remote instead of a crappy source. Even mp3s (which is the best that most phones can play) sound better on a (dedicated) music device. Streaming ain’t re... 
Eversolo DMP -A8 Server,Dac, Streamer,Preamp - best bang for the Buck
 ,cool kinda .