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Why do some amplifiers throw a bigger soundstage than others?
@jasonbourne71  Right on.  
How to run 4K files on a Oppo UPD 203?
Sounds like home theater to me.  
How to setup music server to mid monos
You need a streamer with an app for a phone remote. And a DAC if it doesn't have one. You at least need a DAC to play the files in any semblance of quality. It sounds like you are using a program for play on the computer. I'm not aware of any ... 
How does a preamp die from sitting unused for a few months?
I have an integrated that didn’t power up for years after unplugging it for a vacation. Works fine now. Some questions are unsolvable.    
Help me pick a Dac
@adg101  Count me in as another one who has had both and the SGC dies NOT "hold it's own."  
Best Sounding Adapter - Making RCA into Banana or Spade? Thanks!
No dialogue here.  
Why no one-button remove song from playlist on streaming services?
It works on a service with "Connect" like Spotify and Tidal. It works in the Qobuz app but with no "Connect" it doesn’t show up on streamers. Don’t know (or want to) about Manic Moose. Just build or edit playlists using the app, then listen to t... 
Basic Music Purchase Question
Buy buy buy  
Question about NAD 7400 vs new integrated amp
The m5si has almost twice as much current by quoted specs. Only your hearing will determine how much better SQ if any.  
Why no one-button remove song from playlist on streaming services?
Agreed. That’s why I’m often happier playing local files on a non network player (independent of internet traffic) that allows me to remove a song from a p/l easily whenever, while playing it. Try that with a network player (streamer.)  
What songs do you listen to to test a system's midrange performance?
Adding streaming services to a streamer via usb
@kmcong  It’s hard for anyone to collaborate with Amazon because they do not share tech unless they can sell commercials. You’ll have to "reverse engineer" diy. At least you are in a 100% better place than the OP will ever be with Oppo.  
Digital Preamp with USB-input but without a DAC?
Nice. Problem solved.  
Adding streaming services to a streamer via usb
Sounds like flogging a dead horse to me.  
Adding streaming services to a streamer via usb
You have to boot to Volumio, I doubt a flash drive will do it. Anyway Volumio Free does NOT support anything but Spotify. If it miraculously works you still got nothing. Call Oppo to see if it is even possible. If it has UP P, BubbleUPnP (free) g...