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DAC suggestion for PC
Do not obsess about a chip if you are truly interested in "better" sound. A PC is a limited as a source so that a DAC is only gonna get you so far. You might find that Fidelizer makes a bigger difference than DAC choice.  
Annoying newbie CD/SACD player question
A X800 will output the DSD layer(s) including 5.1. https://a.co/d/7eihtq3    
Long USB cable recommendation
Qobuz has been "working" on "connect" for ~3 years. Hold your breath.  
I'm looking for a software or a website........
Sounds like an AI future.  
Expectation and musical perception
Jim Smith  
for streaming why not computer/galvanic isolation/DAC clock?
They are better because they a engineered for audio, not computing. So simple it evades you? Apple has shown to be cavalier about SQ. If it’s good enough enjoy. I listened to computer/DAC sound for many years before moving on. If something is b... 
Building your music digital music collection
@mahler123  I believe I wrote classified, not defined. In any event you are free to take what you want and leave the rest.    
Look at these beauties
Nothing to see here.  
for streaming why not computer/galvanic isolation/DAC clock?
streamers cheaper than a Mac sound better to me. Minis were tried 10 years ago and rejected for dedicated streamers. And some single ended connections sound better to me than galv isolated ones. Do what you’re gonna do. Listen to no one. Discover... 
Sound and Music
Music only. Although when I choose between 2 DAPs I pick the more involving one. Speaker systems have additional factors for consideration.  
Review of ultraRendu / opticalRendu
Not a fan, returned both. Both had shoddy support that was shoddy for me. They had no player OS, depending on Roon. Glad it works for you.  
Building your music digital music collection
It is faster to play what I want to listen to from collected files, by genre, artist,  album or track etc. Unrelated to audio, I rip ALL video because I detest waiting for DVDs and streaming to get to the actual program when I could be immediatel... 
One DAC to Rule it All
No. Any proof for you is in the listening.  
Can I turn my 2-way Bookshelf speakers 90°…?
I have faith that you can do it It works OK for some of mine, at least for rears.      
Add a digital coax in /out tube pre-amp
SPDIF to and from an old preamp? Silly. Get a DAC with enough inputs for your needs (remote controlled if you know what’s good for you) and plug its analog output into an aux input on the preamp Or get modern an buy an all-in-one like an A20, o...