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I need a fitting/appropriate tonearm for my Teres 340
I own a zyx airy 1000 on a conqueror mk 2 arm. Arthur Salvatore said that the zyx is very sensitive to VTA and VTF. I USE A VTAF from Pete Riggle , vta on the wind,and it is very useful when you listen to a modern flimsy record and then a speakers... 
Maplenoll Setup
Best cart. for a Origin Conqueror MK3C arm?
A few years ago OL distributed zyx and the hifi news review of the conqueror arm was with an airy 3. 
Lenco L75-S16
Have a look on "lencoheaven " for mods on lenco and the building of a serious plinth. In case you have two left hands you can buy a plinth in birch plywood new 
CLASSE - Great amps or highly flawed?
To dlcockrumHello from France. As an owner of two classes DR9 , can you give the mods that have been made on one of your amp. Thanks 
My personal experience with Direct Drive versus Belt Drive
My friend had a golfmund reference. The power supply had problems so he bought a teres rim drive .He was totally astonished when he discovered that the sound was better with the teres. 
Entreq ground conditioners - what's the theory?
In France there are two ways to plug a component. If no ground pin on the plug you have two possibilities .To know what is the best way you use a cheap device which mesure electric field to protect you when you make a hole in a wall to go through ... 
Idler-wheel drives
Hello Jean, happy to read you again. I first read you on audiogon and decided after that to tweak a lenco. It blew away my pink pt too . Congratulations for your spring tweak that I bought from you. I listen only to vinyl and would not go back to ... 
Basis or Kuzma VTA tonearms fitted to Thorens TD 125 turntable
Buy a cheaper arm (rega ..) and adapt a VTAF from Pete Riggle.  
Can an old Thorens Table be "Over Dampend" to the point where sound is adversely effected?
I have tweaked my lenco 75 a lot and the first   thing I learned was that too much damping kill musicality. I have a 160 lb lenco and the main purpose is to conduct the vibes out . No damping at all. 
Rushton's DIY approach to ultrasonic record cleaning published by Positive Feedback
Salvatore on 'highendaudio' has tried us record cleaning. He say to take care with maximum power. 
Are there other Artisan Fidelity TT owners aorund?
I have the OL conqueror mkII on a lenco ptp4 on massive aluminium plinth total is 160 lb.The cartridge is a zyx airy 3 and the whole sound fantastic. 
What's the deal with idler turntables and do they have a place in modern HiFi?
I have a lenco on a massive aluminium plinth and no more noise than a belt drive. I had a pink triangle pt too before. 
Outboard speed control for Thorens TD-124
Try hanze hifi in nederland they have a power supply and a modidication for the engine. 
Analog Impressions from Munich High End 2015
Thanks and give us your impressions.