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suggestions for warm cd player
Original Rega Planet of your on a budget or Audio Aero if you can afford the best. 
Your favorites amplifiers for their visual look ?
I would say the latest Tenor HP350, nice mix of wood, metal, fine and cool blue logo. Lucious. 
Best Balanced IC for Audio Aero Capitole
For your information, AA plyers are not true balanced designs, the balanced output is derived from the single ended output through a device. I was told that by the designer himself at the Montréal Son & Image show a few years ago. So unless yo... 
Your First Vinyl Album.
Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends-Ladies and Gentleman: Emerson Lake and Palmer. It'a live triple album (still have it) of one of the best prog rock band of all time. I had friends who were a cover band of ELP (they were called... 
Thorens TD-124 cartridge?
Denon DL103 
Any High-end speakers "kid-friendly" not fragile?
Klipshorns! The driver are not directly exposed. 
audio aero capitol reference - XLR or RCA ?
I spoke with one of the designers at last year's Festival du Son in Montréal, Canada and asked him which one is better. He told me that the machine is single-ended, the balanced output is generated through a device. So, for short runs, RCA should ... 
Most musical player or DAC?
If on a budget, Rega Planet, if you can spend more go for Audio Aero Capitole, the most analog, natural and musical player I know. 
Improving your BAT 150SE
Can those upgrades be done on the stereo VK-75SE? 
Van Den Hul Optocoupler II authenticity???
I think most counterfeit cables are power cords and speaker cables. 
"Pictures at an Exhibition"
Guidocorona, the version you are probably referring to is a transcription for organ by and played by Jean Guillou. It was recorded in Tonhalle, Zurich 1988 (Dorian DOR-0117). This recording contains bass notes down to 16HZ!!!Rebbi, other versions ... 
Personal Preamp Evolution.
Quad 33, Dayton-Wright SPA modified, Precision Fidelity C-7, Classé DR-7, BAT VK-3i, BAT VK-51SE. Then I eliminated the preamp completely buy using the preamp section in the Audio Aero Capitole and Prestige CD players. 
Hobbies other than Audiophiliac?
I play hockey as a goaltender once a week.I take care of my collection of bonsaï trees.I make and fly kites.I also enjoy taking care and modding my 2006 Charger R/T 
Which is the best CD-Player up to $ 10k ?
For me, it would be the Audio Aero Prestige, plays SACD's and you don't need a preamplifier. The most natural, analogue sounding digital audio source I have heard. I have been to numerous audio shows and I have never heard any system with an Audio... 
Amps on the cheap....real cheap
I second the Carver option, I used to own an M4.0t 375 WPC to drive very power hungry Totem Mani-2s. They worked fine.