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Best of the Classe amp line??? 200/201 - 400/401?
I second you Brent, I used to own one and sold it (stupid). But it had limited WPC, a problem with some power hungry speakers, but you could arc weld into low impedance loads. Tnkujry, I live in Montréal, where Classé is made, and knew the founder... 
Totem mani 2 or Dynaudio 1.3 SE
I am a Totem Mani-2 owner, and I can say that they are incredible speakers. You will get full range sound from a small package. You have to put them on a strong solid stand and drive them with lots of smooth amplifier power. It will reveal any fla... 
Koetsu Black
The typical output is 0.4mV and loading should be 30 Ohms for a tube section and between 10-50 Ohms for a transistor section. Tracking force should be 2.0-2.2g and the VTA is correct with the body parallel to the record.Happy listeningSerge 
Suggestion for Amp to 2 ohm loads?
All the above suggestion are valuable. I second the McCormack. I could also suggest Classé, specially the older DR series or for a lower budget the Sunfire amps. What speakers exactly do you want to drive?Serge 
What are the best amps for driving Totem Mani 2s?
Hi, I own Mani 2's and drive them with a McCormack DNA-2 LAE which is one of the best solid state high powered amp I have heard regardless of price or hype. So you need power with finesse otherwise the Totem can sound hard a little bit. I use Van ... 
Diy Watt/puppy clones: follow up
Maybe speaker placement is to blame? On the pics you put up, they seen close to the back wall and corners. But congratulations on your project. I have built clones of ProAc 2.5 and they are great also.SergeMontréal, Canada 
Best high end multi-disc player as transport?
I think Anthem from Sonic Frontier has one, possibly the only one? 
Personal amp evolution
Here is my little amp evolutionQuad 3032 X Classé DR-2 bridgedClassé DR-3 VHCCarver M4.0tMcCormack DNA-2 DLX LAE 
Best of "Dead Can Dance"?
I also like Dead Can Dance a lot and have 4 other CD's of them. Besides Into The Labyrinth, the one I prefer is Spiritchaser (1996), it's theme is the soul of the animals skins used to make musical instruments around the world. I also have Aion (1... 
Cables by LAT International
The power cords are also excellent. They sound as good or better than brands that cost much better. I uhave used them in my system. 
A pass Labs X250 amp worth a divorce?
Just my 2 cents of advice, you have what seens to be an excellent system, I dont't think the Pass will make that much of an improvement. I would put the money on the best CD player you can buy. Or better still, buy records, get a glass of single m... 
Best Amps for Totem Mani-2's?
I own Mani-2's and I presently use a McCormack DNA-2 Deluxe Limited Anniversary Edition to great results (there is one presently for sale on this site) The amp has to be very powerful and able to drive low impedance, while staying smooth because t... 
Where can I buy Vinyl online?
One of the best source for vinyl is Acoustic Sounds. Go to http://www.acousticsounds.com/ 
20 Amp IEC Where to Buy????
You will usually find the IEC 20A at any electrical supplies (commercial or industrial) store. Maybe if you email Hubble Electric they can tell you the nearest dealer.Good Luck 
Dynavector DRT XV-1 Cartridge- Opinions ??
How about Koetsu's cartridge, the most natural midrange and detailed high's I've ever heard, but never fatiguing. Your rig is top gun and deserves the best. I would also give a listen to top Benz-Micro cartridge.