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I have an NAD C370 integrated and a NAD 2400 amp.
I have the C-370 also, Guess you could bidge them if you want even MORE power, but for me the 370 is PLENTY for my JBL ND310's dual 10" 3 way. Happy listening 
Speakers for the party system
Id say JBL's I have the ND310 dual 10" 3 ways, and they like power and like to be played with authority. Im powering them with a NAD C-370 120 wpc integrated and im sure ive had it as loud as your gonna need b4. Give em a try 
Best low budget speaker cable? HELP
Audioquest GLC ( biwire )or G2 ( regular ) i think it is. LGC copper cables the GLC is a biwire cable and Audioadvisor has some for 30 bucks a 20' roll. 
Your Advice on a good HT receiver
Martin Logan's and BOSE???... lol what a pair... Anyway maybe a NAD i have the C-370 integrated and am VERY happy with it. A great place to buy is www.yawaonline.com they are authorized and hae great prices. was the best online shopping ive ever h... 
Best 5 engineered rock albums?
As if anyone hasnt mentioned .......PINK FLOYD!!...my best cd pink floyd's cd's are great! 
Top 5 cd recordings of all time?
Yes Pink Floyd, just got the echos 2 cd set today and i must say its definetly one of my reference cd's. Some of the songs are rolled off at the top end ( only 1 or2 ) but the rest are very well recorded. BTW hawaii huh, what part?Happy Listening 
Celebrities A/V systems - any interest?
Actrually the post abouve about the MTV cribs is a good one, i have seen alot of junk but there was this one time someone had some revel speakers, dunno what other stuff.. and i forget who had em... lol..I know theres more but they dont show it fo... 
i need a beter interconnects to my systam
I am currenty runing a pair of Clarity Wires "FoxFire" Silver IC's and they are very nice, read the reviews in Vacuume tube valley issue #16 i think. They prefered the sound over kimber silverstreak which was the other best cable. They can be foun... 
Amp suggestions
Musical Fidelity Nuvista M3, has plenty of power and is a great amp at any price. build quality and design are also superb!. And can be found New for around your price at Audioadvisor. ...Just a suggestionHappy Listening 
New to 'hi-end,' looking for budget CDP
NAD C-521 should be considered... Its a one disc, like many HighER end cdp's with the regular burr-brown chips etc. Its in the around $220 price range i think. Check it out!Happy Listening 
Realy need help choosing amp
Well, the NAD L-40 rec is nice, but the JBL S310's are a 10" 3 way so i think you might need some more power. Maybe you would want to consider getting a monitor or bookshelf speaker.I have the NAD C-370 120 wpc integrated amp and i love it, maybe ... 
Best speakers for my system/taste/budget?
JBL S38...i am a JBL fan i think many ppl dont know much about their company or productrs and dont consider, but i am very happy. Its a 8" 3 way monitor and can be found for that price, just a suggestion :-)Happy Listening 
Audiophile beginner with a question...
NAD C-370 baby!!!, I got one around 2 weeks ago and i love it alot. And try a NAD c521 cdp a greeat combo i plan to get that cdp in the near future. its driving a pair of JBL ND310's very nicely and the bass is great on my dual tens in each tower.... 
best budget integrated amp for rock n roll music?
NAD C-370, or c-350 rated 120 wpc/60 wpc conservativly i have the 120 wpc c370 and i love it. Highly rECCOMEND, also try the Musical Fidelity X-a2 at audioadvisor in the clearacnce 
Interconnection cables, excellent finding.
You want a run for your money, try Clarity Wires IC's They can be found exclusivly at www.responseaudio.com I have the Emberglow and really love it.BTW, i have no relation to either response audio or Clarity Wires, only a happy customer.