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Audiogon Ethics
lol, I have a story non audio related but its about the same thing as this. ok, we built a house and then somebody came along and decided to offer us money for it we couldnt refuse, so before it was done they bought it.. we lived in it and finishe... 
Average age of audiophiles
Well, i am at the age which i see most of you started at. im in high school, and have been addicted to this obsession for the best sound for around.. 1 year and a half, the last 9 months ive been serious about it though. I currenty have invested a... 
Greatest Songwriter of all time
PINK FLOYD they made some of THE best music IMHO. But i like more of the stuff after syd barrett left the band 
Where R U?????
The Big Island Of Hawaii. I know there are audiophiles here. Met one just the other day who had quad electrostats and a 400+ wpc Mcintosh? But there are no dealers on this island. well one about a 2 hour drive away that sells Klipsch but thats it.... 
Best Speaker cables on the cheap?
Well, i just ordered 8 feet of AQ type 4.. I guess i will see how they are in my system and post results. Thanks everyone 
Any funny audiofile stories???
I have had the same experience as fatparrot.. my african grey was eating and i kept on thinkinh WHAT is that sound? it was driving me crazy.. lol, And i cant listen to Santana's Turn your lights down low without my cockatiel squaking . apparently ... 
Best Speaker cables on the cheap?
Well, good news, i won 100 bucks yesterday from the superbowl, and i plan to buy something this week. Im thinkin AQ type 4 or Clarity emberglow speaker cables. Thanks 
Best Speaker cables on the cheap?
I already have enough bass with my monster cables, im sure theres nothing thats going to really make it lack bass. I think i might be getting some Clarity Wires "emberglow" speaker cables. But i will look around. Im looking for more detail and a s... 
What the heck is a power cord?
Glen, you forgot to mention the $50.00 PS audio power port for the dedicated line. I dont think a 99 cent leviton is going to be audio grade in this application. 
Does anyone know who makes/sells...
Well. Before you go out and spend $120 bucks on some peices of ceramic i really think you should try something cheap. I have a system worth. around $2000.00 and i have Pool coping bricks under my cables. I didnt notice any differences, but hey its... 
Hall of Shame
I dunno if this was mentioned yet ( im sure it was ) but of course... BOSE 
Best Rock Player... Jupiter??
I dont know if you have seen The latest cd players from Cambridge but they definetly are not like you say, So please stop telling everyone they suck. Yes,they did have some problems before, but those are fixed now and i think they have the best bu... 
Cheap Stuff That Keeps Up?
NAD C-370 Integrated Amp and Cambridge Audio D300 CDP. I got the NAD new for $530 and the CDP new on sale at audio advisor for $175. I love them bolth very much and would love to do an A/B test with some higher end gear Like arcam and Rotel. 
Pre-amp for NADC370 vs NADC370 plus Stratos amp?
Replace the solid jumpers with a pair of good IC's That will help the sound a little. Did for me anyway. And i also think that the C-370 is a very good amp and that you might be wasting your money. 
Best Recordings
Most Anything Pink Foyd. one of my favorite recordings is The devil went down to georgia by the Charlie Daniels band. Another one i that i think is good for a audiotion track would be Mr Robato by the Styx believe it or not. lol Those are just som...