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Speaker Cables?
First of all, you need to give some indication of how much you are going to spend...but there is some " Lab Cable" at www.psaudio.com 6 gauge, ,looks like its worth checking out, but will cost over a grand. Which i am sure is too much. also Kimber... 
Integrateds that could drive Magnepan's or other tuff loads
NAD C-370 can deliver up to 70 amps peak current ,450 wpc dynamic power into 2 ohms if you need even MORE power buy the C-270 power amp and bridge for a total of 300 wpc into 8 ohms. I just got my new c-370 and i love it. Might be too Mid fi for y... 
What spkr cable should i consider???
...Whats in my speakers, well its definetly no cardas... its just some 16 gauge i think, basic cables..i imagine thats whats in alot of speakers in the $700 dollar range. Thanks everyone 
What are the BEST FM Antennas HELP
i am using some little wires that came with my old reciever, going into my Sansui Tu-517, and i thought that worked good, i might have to get something better. 
Labelling CD-Rs
i use the cd marker pen that came with my blank cdr's (TDK 30 pack 80 min) and its like a sharpie pen. I ve found that it works great no bleedin through.. 
What direction should the cable go??????
Wow, i didnt know there was a special Flow..i have had all my cables the same scince they were new, but i guess i learn new things everyday. The one about having the arrow up or sideways and not down...now thats getting exact lol.. Have a good one 
How can I tell if I need more power?
If you think you need more power , which you probaly do try a NAD C-370, i just got one and its GREAT 120 wpc you cant go wrong, it drives my massive JBL floorstanders real loud and clear with barely even getting warmed up. 
What does one do with old outdated audio equipment?
You could donate it to me!.. I am just getting into this hobby i have some JBL ND 310 speakers and a NAD C-370, but would like to try other equip. Dont just throw them away! 
How much power have you got under the hood?
Well everyone, good news i just ordered my new amp, I decided on the NAD C-370, its going to be great i cant wait to hook it up, Thanks for all the help 
best preamp under 500 for cheap, poor student
NAD C160 comes with remote and all the bells and whistles for around 500. here is the link ... http://www.yawaonline.com/nadc1refprea.htmlHaoleb 
How much power have you got under the hood?
Yesterday i was just browsing the Demo items at Audio Advisor and a certain amp caught my eye, its a Musical Fidelity X-A1 50 wpc 8 ohm,100 wpc 4 ohm. integrated amp with outboard power suppy. I am tempted to buy it for the $450.00 price tag. But ... 
How come no one talks of sansui?
I have a sansui AU-517 65 wpc dual mono and yes its built like a tank. I dont use it anymore becuase it has problems with shutting off,crackling noises. But when it did work it was a great amp. I also have a tuner,tape deck, and turntable only the... 
Any comfortable Quality headphones...
i am using some sony mdr-cd180's that i bought for 20 bucks at walmart and they have a cloth closed type and are very comfortable to me, i can wear them for hours. And they sound good to boot. For 20 bucks its a great deal. 
Cheap tweaks...What would YOU reccomend?
Well, i must say that i didnt expect the topic to e this hot, and also ive got a list to try the anti static spray sound interesting. Also we are building a new house and i already have my request for a dedicated pwr line. anything else that would... 
Anyone under 30?
Thats kewl angela. Aint no guests gonna be kicking holes in my spkrs, i have some KLH's that they can throw ovr a cliff for all i care. .. and yes Imagine when i am 30..a system of dynaudio's and Musical fidelity Nuvista M3..ive got my eye on few ...