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Anyone under 30?
Yea, i am under 30....quite a bit under. I have been into what i would like to call HiFI, i dont have a real hifi system yet. working on it. And i just love it this hobby is very expensive, but also very rewarding. Out of everyone on this whole pl... 
What is causing my speaker hum?
OK, if you try to do something like the guy said with the cheater plug DONT, those 3 way plus have the grounding pin for a reason, and failure to crrectly plug them in can result in fatal injury to you and/or your equipment. Lethal voltages can bu... 
SS Monoblock 100+W as cheap
Hey subdoofus if you want a marantz they have the one in the following link at audioclassics.com, its 125 wpc into 8 ohms http://www.audioclassics.com/detail.php3?detail=MA500 
Best SS Integrateds for a 4-500 budget
Thanks everyone, My speakers Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m): 91dB 
Best Integrated 50wpc under 600 used
Try and check out the Cambridge Audio a500 it a 65 wpc with 0.02 THD and toroidial pwr supply for 400. Its an integrated with a remote. Supposed to be a real beauty. They have it at audio advisor. 
Close your eyes and hear the music ?
Yes i agre with most everyone...eyes closed and i like it dark. I can just sit back and enjoy the music ....although i do get sleepy :-D But if i have my eyes open i am thinking about how i can better my sound. isint that what audiophiles do? But ... 
Nad or Jolida....That is the question...?
Hey thanks for all your responses but when it comes down to it i think i am going for the nad. I have heard that the jolida's QC is pretty iffy but...I think the nad may be more for me anyway. Thanks