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learning what a huge difference cartridge loading makes!
Evaluating a system - what do you listen for?
DPT - Dynamics, Presence & Tone 
Ayre Codex
It does get hot.  For your application, I would only ask Ayre. 
When and what was your last significant equipment upgrade?
Western Electric 16 GA speaker wire.  :) 
Your first component that was "special"
Early 70s. Infinity Servo-Statik 1s; ARC SP3; ARC D-75 (for mid-range ES panels); ARC D-51 (for tweeter panels); Thorens TD-125 tt; Decca International tonearm, Decca MK 5 cartridge.That system would challenge many today, IMO. 
True audio stories! Do you have any?
I have LOTS of stories, but here is one:It was the 2003 Stereophile Show in San Francisco. I had voiced the system as I always did. However, this time I needed to meet a certain technical requirement (we had a particularly nasty bass problem in th... 
New listening room electrical design
Be absolutely sure that all lines for your audio (& video if in same room) needs are on one phase.Best,Jim Smith 
JBL Everest DD67000 vs. Avantgarde Duo Mezzo
Regarding the Duo Mezzo's, would they be too much speaker for a 13x12x8 room? Yes.Best,  Jim Smith 
Berkeley Dac 2 or PS audio DSD or Schiit Yggs?
The digital circuitry needs to reach thermal equilibrium and that is best done by leaving the DAC on. The main difference is not from the electronic amplification stages as much as it is from the digital circuitry working optimally.That’s why - ev... 
ASC tube trap full round with dark and light sides - diffusing vs absorbing
At a distance of about six inches, speak into the tube trap.  Turn it 90 degrees and do it again.  The absorptive side will seemingly swallow your voice. 
Has anyone found Audio Nirvana?
I have heard a large number of expensive/exotic systems that  - initially - didn't reach listenability, let alone audio nirvana.  As a result, I tend to think too much emphasis is put on equipment and not enough on system/room optimisation.Not sta... 
I really try to stay out of threads.  But this one borders on the ridiculous.Bo1972 said:"Most subwoofers are too slow...""I can guarantee you 100% that this is inferior compared to using a subwoofer till 120hz."Wow!  This is so wrong on so many c... 
Searching for LONG / NARROW players
Ayre Codex 
USB Cable Play-off
I really like mine. 
Ayre Codex
Marcge,Not my experience whatsoever.I own both.Best,Jim Smith