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Quicksilver Mini Mono's-New transformers
I've known Mike Sanders since the mid 70s.If he says he has an upgrade, you can take it to the bank.Mike is the anti-thesis to hype.His products - IMO - have always represented exceptionally high value.They'd be competitive in the marketplace agai... 
setting-up rel strater-3
Moving the sub around without first moving your seat for overall flattest bass in the room will make it unlikely to ever get the most natural bass.Moving the subs around IS very important, but only when you determine where the standing waves are l... 
Amp recommendations for Tannoy Canterbury SE
Wilfredt - I use a variety of amps on the Canterburys. There is not that big of a difference in the areas you describe. Yes, there is a difference, but it's not overwhelming - whether it's the Viva 845 amp which only has one 845 output (the 3 211s... 
Amp recommendations for Tannoy Canterbury SE
Mulveling -Since you are in the Atlanta area, you're invited to hear my set-up.In fact, I just sold the Vivas, so I will be using other (actually less expensive) amplification.I think you'll like it - except for the money issue... :). 
Amp recommendations for Tannoy Canterbury SE
'IMO, the Canterburys sound pretty good set up any old way. But they do benefit from voicing, right down to very small adjustments.It's unlike any other speaker I've worked with in that way.Once broken in, they are so musically compelling, it's al... 
845 Tube Amps
'Solista was good, Verona & Aurora much higher level of performance - and unfortunately, much higher price as well.. 
845 recommendations from actual experience
'I found the Psvane 845Ts to be beautifully made.They sounded very good.But my Auroras simply weren't compatible. They was apparently wearing out the Psvanes.I recently spoke with Amedeo, VIVA designer and head man, and he actually felt that the o... 
Fastest subwoofer?
'Not sure I understand.If a subwoofer were fast, wouldn't it be a tweeter? :), 
is ayre qb-9 dac better than cx7e mp?
'In my system, my QB-9 is better than my C5xeMP.And it's outperformed other CX5s & CS7s (and for that matter - every CDP regardless of cost) on various locations where I was voicing a system.I believe (not stated as fact, just opinion) that mu... 
Rick Schultz`s new cable
*I've heard these cables and they are truly excellent.The sound was above my expectations.One pair of early prototypes did have problems with RCA pins.Haven't heard the production versions as I primarily use balanced cables.. 
Mods for Avantgarde speakers
.When I was working with this concept, it was with DUOs, which have a lower crossover frequency, and also a different polarity. So I'm not sure how far back with Trios.It'd be good if the frame you built had the provision for being able to slide t... 
Mods for Avantgarde speakers
.Duomike,Sorry - I didn't put the butt-ugly remark in the right context.If I listed all of the "zero-WAF-mods" I've done, it'd require several sheets of paper.I was referring to the ability to manufacture a version that the public would buy.It wer... 
Mods for Avantgarde speakers
.I have always wished that the factory speakers were time aligned. However, that discussion never went very far with the guys in Germany (whom I still greatly admire and count as friends, btw).As such, it was a testament to how good they were in o... 
Power handling capability of original Quad esl 57s
-Regarding its sound, don't forget that the 405 inverts signal polarity.- 
Looking for opinions on Tannoy Prestige line.
-Just ordered Canterbury SEs (Prestige line).After voicing a system that used them, I've not heard a more natural nor more musically involving speaker.Hope I can make them sing here!-