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OK, I'm dumb. Does it ever end?
Rob,Sometimes I seriously think my record collection (1000's of records) and cd collection (even more) shows I've lost my mind.Then I think about all the equipment packed away in storage (over $5k).But then I realised I'm not insane because I enjo... 
What am I hearing
Hall and Oates mfsl gold disc "Your Kiss Is On My List"Amazing 
CEC Belt Drive transport with electrocompaniet DAC
I LOVED that combo prior to the AA Capitole. (Got a deal)!You can't beat it. In fact, I still have my Electro DAC. If I had to go back, it wouldn't be bad at all. W-i-d-e d-e-e-p soundstage. 
concrete slab vs/ wood floor - pros and cons
I live on a slab. The audio is MUCH better then any other floor I've been on. Keep the cement. Place a good wall-to-wall or hardwood floor over it. You will never be happier. 
Designer Hall of Fame
What about Marantz & Dahlquist! They started whole trends and audiophilia. 
Making a SOTA DAC
I have to disagree about the SOTA part of your post. I have a Meitner and a Ozment DAC. The only other that competes (well) with them is the Electrocompaniet (wide open soundstage). Jerry's 24MXL (almost 34MXL) is incredible as is any Meitner. Bot... 
speakers for 15' by 12' listening room?
Had the same size deadish room. The Acoustat 3's finally gave me the low-mid's (high-bass) that was very attenuated. I've have JM Lab Daline's, Dahlquist Dq-10, 28's and many other's trying to alleviate that problem. The Dq-10 are by far the best ... 
Wife wants a black faced receiver to replace Rotel
I got wife p*ssed. Am I the only one that stands up against their pushy wife? 
Santana Ultra Disc II 24K Gold by Mobile Fidelity
I have the Sony SBM gold and it's d*mn good. I can't imagine the tapes have gotten better in the ten yrs since. 
performance vs. resale
I'm a bottom-feeder BUT I have found too many great pieces that are "unknown" and are harder to sell (once I've found something even better).On the otherhand, I have been burnt so badly by cottage designers (like Tube Technologies) to deal with th... 
CD Players with digital "in" capabilities
But Jond - you probably have he only working Tube Technology Fusion CD64 on the continent! (I and four others handed Zia ours for repair over two years ago and NEVER GOT THEM BACK! Plus the N.A. distributor was of NO help.)Anyway, the Aero Audio C... 
Replacement for MusicMatch
Throughout every year of the webs existence I have seen great web companies purchased and destroyed. MusicMatch is another victim.Beside eliminating many of it's finest functions; Yahoo has taken one of the best music player's and slowed it's supe... 
how to get good sounding copies of CDs
If you check earlier forums you will find that Apple lossless is highly recommended and has been used to make SUPERIOR copies. Perhaps 1x is better? Check the forums out. 
What Volume do you listen at?
I listen at normal speaking volume plus a tiny, tiny bit. During the day, it takes a bit more due to all the extra environmental noise.Egoss sums it up the best. 
How Much Have You Lost Thru' The Upgrade Process?
and golfers don't come out of it with anything tangible!