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Farewell Rick Wright of Pink Floyd
Hey, "if you believe in forever", we all have something to look forward to!Maybe, "if there's a rock 'n roll heaven", we'll get to listen to them "live".(You can tell I hung out with Bill Medley too long).If you believe in forever,Then life is jus... 
First SACD to Listen To?
I'm tooooootally with Lokie. I listen to everything and Beck's "Sea Change" will blow you mind even if you can't hear above 16k as long as the speakers you have can produce 20k+ 
Ever feel like we are going nowhere here?
I have to disagree. I still find a nibble in the new threads every now and then. Just these bites make it worthwhile 
OK I'm sold on interconnects, now speaker cable?
RUN!!! DON'T WALK!!!I'm not sold on the speaker cable thing yet and I have 3 pair that total over $1000 
Name three of yours the most favourite drummers
It's sad I forgot Simon Phillips and only two people mention him. Beside being amazing, he was only 15 on the first two Judas Preist albums! 
whats a good older hdcd cd player?
As said before, you can't beat the Arcam 23T. I've held onto one even though I have the AudioAero Capitole. The HDCD's sound great on it. In fact, a friend just purchased a sealed left-over 23T for $1100. 
Norah Jones a tinge short
So you're lucky and you get to ignore the emotionless womana. 
The most haunting music you ever heard?
Orff. Period.Orff "Carmana Burina" 
best artists in the last 15 years
By far the Tindersticks first then Sufjan Stevens, Phil Roy, Neko Case, Ben Folds, and undeniably Ryan Adams.Other greats are Kim Richey, Jack Johnson, Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, The Decemberists, and Death Cab For Cutie.S... 
White Album, when's your last listen?
All Beatles albums are timeless because of lyrical perfection BUT their albums after Revolver shine as musical paintings beside. I'm not a big Beatles fan but I'd never say these are "just" records. To say that is to be deaf. 
New Product......Intelligent Box
I know the reviewers were on bad acid at the time. I had the same thoughts but then I awoke and realised I'm an idiot too! 
Goodbye CD's
No computer based system sounds better then my AA Capitole yet. Plus, I have five six-foot tall by three-foot wide bookcases filled with cd's.Simply, when would I have the time to burn 100 sq.ft. of cd's? And, if I did have the time, I would be do... 
Reuben - The Tubes first self-titled album is the best! Very Zappa-esque! I have multiples of the mfsl silver and it's only beat by the vinyl. (But most vinyl copies have been "beat-up" by heavy tonearms ala the taped nickle. It's a tough find). 
What matters most for an enjoyable home listen?
One bong hit, a great recording engineer, a great masterer, and a decent system = Bliss 
Are interconnect cables worth $15,000?
I don't believe in power and speaker cables BUT inter-connects have even had my wife take notice. On the otherhand, $15k can buy some nice components and upgrades. So, no, I can't see going that far. If you need to spend that much you should donat...