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Which sub $2k CD player would you recommend?
I didn't think the Ayre CX-7e, Bel Canto, or Audio Research CD3 beat even my Arcam 23T! I had to get an Aero Capitole (well over $2k) to beat it! 
Pink Floyd best CDs soundwise
The gold Wish is incredible. The English Wish is a little better BUT they fade in late and fade out early to hide the master tape hiss. Thank God they didn't remaster it though.Japan Animals is great too. 
What am I missing using a 20 year old CD player??
What to replace DQ-10s with?
Hey Jjh92! I submitted this EXACT same question years ago! (And I still have my 10's w/upgraded x-over in storage).Ended up with Acoustat III's to get perfect mid-bass / bass-mids. Now selling them so, ... there you go! 
Ultimate Demo Disc for Audio Geeks
The fade in and first few verses of "Slow Train To ..." form Rickie Lee JonesIf your system can go from black to life in a nice blooming way - it's on this track. Great for stereo image after that point in the song. 
Jeffs Sound Values in CA. PH not working/closed?
NEVER a problem with Jeff's - EVERIn fact, my buddy (before his death) used them immenselyGive it a day. Probably technical 
How to reply to questions about stereo cost?
iT'S My stereo or divorce. Oh well, been married to her 45 yrs so I guess my wife has to go! 
Replacing my Arcam cd 23 with what??
I have a Audio Aero Capitole and I still can't part with my 23T for hdcd.Collect equipment like the rest of us AND move on. ;) 
Analog vs. digital segment on PBS
Albert, more importantly Pro Tools is known in the recording arena as the software to use because of EASE not quality. Other digital editing/recording software is MUCH better but requires a brain to use. Many in my past field can't operate superio... 
How to replace stolen music?
ALl the shops in NJ know me and I am pleased to say the PRX called the cops, had the guy arrested, and called me to go to the cop shop to process him. Loved every second 
Siemens CCa: Gray and Silver riser differences
Heavily affected by age. It's not the colour. The silver risers are the older, and much better sounding, tubes. Maybe the air was better in the plant. I have both and stick with the silver risers in my AA 3A. 
Any dual mono phono stage or pre using 6DJ8 tubes?
Thanks Al. Who do you recommend I speak to for Sota Star Sapphire (vacuum) arm and cartridge selection? 
It's Hammond B3 Organ Day
Bbro - that sounds like it was a great time! I wish I was better informed. Reading, PA is only 80 minutes away. 
Any dual mono phono stage or pre using 6DJ8 tubes?
Thanks Al. I wish I could afford it. I try to keep each component below $2500 and was really trying to stay below $1200 since I have $1500 into my Sota Star Sapphire w/vacuum and my RB-600.But, to tell you the truth, if I was able to put all my ex... 
It's Hammond B3 Organ Day
Oh my God! I was just thinking that the music theater I support should have a B3 on hand because no one lugs it around anymore,; especially with a Leslie! I'm so sick of the sinner-sized digitized version most traveling bands use.I was thinking ab...