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Wife wants a black faced receiver to replace Rotel
A cardboard cut out of a black rotel in front of the silver one! 
Best Cartridge for Less than $500
The Denon DL-103 works excellent thru the P75 "phono enhance" setting. 
Recommend Me Some Speakers
Focal JM Labs Chorus 707SFocal JM Labs Cobalt 806s discomtinued, but available for $600. pr. Very good 1K speakers.Check these outAlan 
Top 5 Entry-level audiophile speakers $1500-2000?
You did not mention the amplifier to be used, i guess that's good, you can find speakers you like and then choose an amp that works with it.JM Lab Cobalt 806S are excellent, now discontinued, they are going for $600. new.used Harbeth 7ES2smonitors... 
845 SET? deHavilland / Art Audio/et..al.
Hi Pubul57, yes the Carissa Signature is the best 845 i've heard, but i haven't heard too many different 845s. I've heard the Bel Canto i40,and it was very good, but it's been a long time since hearing it, same with the deHavillands. If you are bu... 
845 SET? deHavilland / Art Audio/et..al.
Hi, i've heard both 845 amps and think the Carissa sounds better. The Carissas or signature version amps are on Agon for really good prices. I have not heard them, but the Consonance 845 monos for $4k seem interetsting, the Mastersound compact 845... 
Best speakers for 3 cord rock and roll
I agree with Gmood1. I've heard the Emerald Physics. You really should go to hear these. For 3K, you are there in a 3D soundstage. Open baffle bass is incredible.All the other choices above are good choices for what you are looking for, but the EM... 
rega planar 3 cart replacement...
Hello, i would forget the spacers and get an Adjustable VTA base like the Michell or VTAF(on the fly adj!). It's a lot more accurate and simpler to do.I haven't heard the BP2, but i really like the 10X5. There also is the Denon DL-103/transformers... 
Any thoughts on coaxial speakers,for S.E.T. amps
Hi, check Hawthorne Audio's Solo using a 15" coax. One of the best deals going if you want to try open baffle speakers and SET amps. They are 95db efficiency and sell for $750. pr. I love mine. 
Best cheap off the shelf cd player for transport
Try WalMart's brand "Durabrand" top loading dvd player, it has digital out and it sells for $27.95! I love mine. 
Integrated amp reccomendations
Hi, how a bout adding a tube preamp to your Nad amplifier section, and loose the buffer. Maybe a tube pre w/ dac like the Monarchy, $980. new direct. That should smooth things out in both the amp and cd player. I've used a tube pre with Nad amp se... 
Need a list of TT with arms and motors seperate
Hi, the Micro Seiki RX-1500 has a serarate pod for the arm. As far as quiet bearings, i don't think anything is as quiet as a Well Tempered TT 
Analog cables for TT
I had a Quatrofil, but sold it and went to a AU24, i like it better. 
WellTempered TT - VTA Adjustment
Hi Elinor, if you mean the knob on top that is connected to the "fishing line", no that will adjust the cartridges azimuth. Depending on what vintage WTT you have if there is another knob of top over the vertical shaft, yes that will raise and low... 
Integrated with five line level inputs
Choose the integrated that sounds best to you in your system, and then add a couple of inputs and selector switch. Any tech can do this for you.