Responses from jaybo

Gold CD Dealbreaker?
to a collector, the markings could be a deal breaker. 
upgrading VPI turntable
you're fine. 
Dual CS 505-1 tone arm upgrade?
the audible difference would not be worth the effort. 
Small Room Speakers
the 803's should sound fine in a smaller area....wait until you try them in the new home. 
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 5000 - Interesting?
yes....if the condition is near mint. 
Luxman vs. Accuphase
Can anyone help me with a speaker problem?I
contact audio classics www.audioclassics.com 
Can Dynaco ST-70 Drive Polk Monitor 10?
should be sweet. 
Best Speakers for around $2000
Best speaker cable for Electrocompaniet & B&W805s?
Any garden variety van den hul. 
Your jaw dropping cables
never had one. 
Why none of high-end speakers offer Speakon?
whether in the studio..or at home...it starts and ends with 'the room'. 
What happened?
send it back...get a new one. 
Zu Audio Essence vs Klipsch Cornwall
different, but certainly sideways. 
Speaker rec for difficult placement $1,000
ohm micro walsh or 1000.