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PS audio Ultimate outlet or Quintet?
Hey Levy03, nice setup must be the loom! What differences did you notice from cryo'd Quintet from the stock? Iv'e thought of sending my cables and Quintet in for this treatment. 
PS audio Ultimate outlet or Quintet?
I'm Curious Kennyb, what power cord did you use on your Quintet? I found the highs pristine and pure of tone. My Quintet is on a dedicated 20amp 10awg line with a Powerport Premier outlet, from there I run an AC10 to the Quintet with great results! 
Best Cables for around $500
Siblance is not a problem here with the MA3- XLR in my SS setup, I actually found the highs revealing, airy and the right amount of detail, but never bright are harsh!Like all things cables system dependant. 
New Giant Television
The Mitsu's are up to 92" Dlp, and should b realeased soon. that should be big enough! I beleive price is around $5000 
getting file onto usb flash drive
I second the PC option, go back to HD Tracks and download the Media Monkey software(free) to convert the files using the sync option, then you can drag the the HD track files to your flash drive! 
Do all CD players benefit from burn in?
Short answer is yes, I just reached about 500hrs on an Oppo 95 and witnessed it first hand! 
DCCA vs. PS. Audio AC-12/AC-10.
Kills! those are strong words and I doubt very seriously. All I can speak for is the Ps AC10 and AC12 both are worth a serious audition in your setup! 
Oppo Nuforce BDP-93NE
Glad to hear it! these are indeed 500hr burn in units and well worth the wait, I previously thought about 300 should do it and stopped counting, but when it hit around 450 still new details where emerging! However not as pronounced as the other mi... 
OPPO BDP95 anybody have any comments yet?
As far as Usb is concerned, it will playback 24/192 in a way that will drop your jaw at it's performance!I tried it using a usb thumb drive via a free sampler from HD Tracks and was floored. the ESS Sabre Dac's feature 32 bit Hyperstream Jitter el... 
New Oppo BDP-95 better than the McIntosh MVP-881?
I'd say try both ways and let us know which sounds better! 
New Oppo BDP-95 better than the McIntosh MVP-881?
Depends on the dac being used, if you want to hear the ESS dac's on your 95 use the analog or dedicated stereo outs. In my case the dedicated stereo outs proved to be the superior, in any case try both, What preamp or processor? 
Oppo Nuforce BDP-93NE
Indeed it does make you listen for hours on end, I use a PS Audio AC3 12 gauge cable on my 95 and after full burn in I plan to pop in a HiFi Tunning Supreme fuse, I use an AC10 on my Quintet and an AC12 on my 2Channel amp, all Components have Silv... 
New Oppo BDP-95 better than the McIntosh MVP-881?
I just thought I'd share a new discovery ( to me!). I Was looking at HD Tracks the other day and noticed they had a free Hi Res sample for free! So I went ahead and downloaded the recommended Media Monkey software, It's free ! so then I downloaded... 
New Oppo BDP-95 better than the McIntosh MVP-881?
My 95 has about 255 hours on it and when the bass (as clear as snare drum in its tracking with power and substantial weight!) and mids finally decided to fill in, They did so in such a way I was not expecting, the sheer accuracy and clarity are an... 
Oppo Nuforce BDP-93NE
Nice indeed, glad to hear it, wish I could compare it to my 95, which I'am totally elated with and pronounced it a giant killer on AVS. Good thing is you might not need to wait on computer playback as your Nu93 does it as well. I got my first tast...