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Best Amp Martin Logan Summit
Take a look at the Blue Circle 204 and 206 with the BC preamp. The preamp has an HT pass-through. I have the 206 and love it. Outstanding for 2 channel.I have also tried the Summits with the Halo JC-1's with good result for HT set up. 
Which cartridge is the Imaging/soundstaging champ
I have to agree with the upgrade to the signature arm and the Shelter 501II 
Tube pre-amps with Home Theater bypass...
Blue Circle top of the line pre-amp w/ht bypass is fantastic. 
Parasound JC-1 and B&W 803d
Any other amps that people like (other than the Halo's and the big McCormack) to drive the 803d's? 
Parasound JC-1 and B&W 803d
Just to complicate matters, would the McCormack DNA 500 be any better than the Halo's with the 803d's?S. 
Recommedation to drive Electrostatics? ML, Inner?
Take a look at the 200 series from Blue Circle with the Tube pre-amp. The 204 and 206 are great with the ML's. 
Cables for B&W Nautilus 802
This may not be of much help, but who knows. I'm using the Acoustic Zen bi-wired on the new 803d's. Amp is the Cal Audio MCA 500. Switched from the Audioquest Gibralters which I had on an older system with 805n's. My room is very bright and the Gi... 
Home Theater In a Box?
Thinking outside the box and about your space limitations, take a look at the Yamaha ysp series. Its right around your budget limits, but much below if you buy online. I've demo'd it. With the matching small sub ($200ish), its an amazing solution.S. 
Venture Audio
audio 999 - what are the price points for the Caractere and Grand Excellence. S. 
VPI Scout w/ JMW-9 vs Aries w/ JMW-10
What about the move from the Scoutmaster to the TNT 3.5 - what are the benefits there? 
Venture Audio
thought I would revive this thread.Anybody listened to Venture Audio lately 
Which Mono block amps for ML Summit Speakers?
I must second the Blue Circle suggestion. They match beautifully with the Summits. I have the 206 paired with them and its amazing. I have also heard the 204 with the summits and its fantastic as well. I have no doubt that the 202 would be outstan... 
Review: Parasound Empirical Audio JC-1 Turbo Mod Amplifier
Sorry if I missed this elsewhere or if this is question is not permitted in this forum, what is the cost of the mod?S. 
Martin Logan Summit, better than Prodigy
Blue Circle was using ML's as well in their room. Was that ever sweet!!! It was not the summit, I think it was the Ascent and it was still amazing. 
Multichannel tube amp recommendation please
Take a look at the hybrids. Blue Circle is a good place to look. Might move outside the budget. Is there a reason to go tubes on the rear??