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Pre-amp recommendation: JC-1/Talon Raven C/ARC CD2
check out this thread of good suggestions. 
New 11' x 7' listening room....small speaker?
Totem forests - used right around the budget, no sub required in a room of that size. 
High power integrated suggestions please.
two other sleepers, BV Audio and Blue Circle. 
B&W 803D vs N802
I have compared these side by side in my system. For sound, 803d by a long shot (wish I had the 802d). For appearance, I was disappointed that B&W ditched the red cherry and replaced it with the rosenut. WAF was better with the red cherry even... 
Yamaha YSP-1
for the price, you can likely do better in a small 5.1 set up. The YSP is also very dependent on the dimensions of your room and the proximity of the side and rear walls. Properly set up and in the right room, it does a great job for its purpose. ... 
pass labs x250.5 or plinius SA102 for summits
Can't speak to the Pass or the Plinius, but I have run both the Parasound JC-1's and the Blue Circle 206 with the Summits, both are outstanding. Pre amp was the Blue Circle 3000 with GZPZ power supply. I have also heard the Conrad Johnson Pre (CT5... 
Help a newbie on an entry two-channel system
Green Mountain has a free home trial period for new product (at least they used to, not sure if its still in effect). Not a bad way to go, but new is approx $900 for the Europa's. I have both the Europas and the Totem Forests in different systems.... 
Help a newbie on an entry two-channel system
I would take a look for one of the Blue Circle integrated's and the Green Mountain Audio Europa's. Many CDP's mentioned above. 
Tube Pre, HT Pass and Balanced Output
any thoughts on how the Mac c2200 might fit into the discussion? How does it compare to any of the others above. For reference, amps are JC-1's and speakers are B&W 803d'sThanks. 
Many questions about HT pass-through options
check this thread: are other as well under the pre-amp/Amp forum. 
Tube Pre, HT Pass and Balanced Output
Thanks to all for the suggestions. Keep them coming. The Calypso sounds like tube rolling is the way to go (or at least it used to be). Is this still the case? As anybody compared the Calypso to the CJ PV14-LS2 (I know the CJ is single-ended, but ... 
Parasound JC-1 and B&W 803d
Thought I would renew this thread now that that 803d's have been out a bit longer. Any thoughts? 
Tube amp recommendation for Gallo Reference 3's
Has anybody tried a hybrid with the Gallo 3's, something like the Blue Circle 204 or 206, seems like that might be a good match, but haven't heard myself. 
SACD Player Shootout
I'd be second in line for that one. 
New tube amp for ML Prodigy CAT, VTL, ARC????
You might take a look at the Blue Circle Hybrid amp's, the 204 and 206. I'm using the 206 with my ML summits. Wonderful combination, especially with the Blue Circle pre-amp with the upgraded power supply. BC and ML are a good match.