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Cal audio ssp 2500 for SACD multi-channel
yes - drop an email to Gilbert at Blue Circle. He is familiar with the issue. He suggested an outboard box/pass through option. 
ML owners, what equipment are you using?
Just purchased the Blue circle 206 hybrid and tube preamp to use with the summits. Blue circle room at CES 2005 had the 204 amp and ML's (the Accents I think) and it was amazing. Recently demo'd the summits with the Parasound amps, but to my ears,... 
Best speakers with Pass labs X-350.5
Have demo'd both the Temptations and the C-4's with the larger Sim audio amps, but not the pass. Have heard the 802ds with various amps. Haven't heard, but would like to, the others.I love the temptations but found them lacking in the bass. I attr... 
Best tube pre-amp below US $ 10.000,00 ?
I second the Blue Circle pre amp. Pretty amazing. 
Cal audio ssp 2500 for SACD multi-channel
You can also talk to the guys at Blue Circle. They can do it for sure.S. 
A/V Receiver for totem arros or staff
Shoot an email off to Vince at Totem. He is always happy to help.S. 
Anybody heard Martin Logan Summits?
Denf - Sounds like you are the guy to be writing the review of the summits given your past with ML. I have only briefly listened to the Prodigy and the Od's, both of which I like very much. The summits, to me, just seemed to provide a larger sound... 
Anybody heard Martin Logan Summits?
I was at the same cocktail party as Rudy. I would have to agree. The summits were very impressive both in HT and two channel. Set up is clearly an issue, but this has always been the case. The summits provide better off axis sound that and models ... 
Cal audio ssp 2500 for SACD multi-channel
Scott Morris has them, if you email me, I can forward his email addy to you. 
Bedroom System: Dreamcatcher vs. Nucleus Micro
Of the two you mention, I heard the dream catcher at CES in vegas. It was set up on a room that was the size of a small bedroom in most houses. It was SWEET!!!! You won't be disappointed. Can't help as to which is the better of the two you are loo... 
Cal audio ssp 2500 for SACD multi-channel
MSB did not respond, but I did not call. Given that I'm also about to purchase some blue circle equipment, I have asked Gilbert at Blue Circle to take a look and see what he can do. He should be back with me within a week. If that doesn't work, I'... 
Cal audio ssp 2500 for SACD multi-channel
Thanks - I've already talked to scott. He'd be willing to assist with schematics, but is unable to do the work. 
Denon 5910 VS Esoteric DV-50
In Drum's defense - it was the 3910 that generated all of the hoopla on the other thread!!!!Nevertheless - stand back is right!!! 
Which high-end receiver?
Hi Keith - sorry to hear about the downsize. By the way, that monster Cal audio you sold me is sounding great.Funny that the above post popped up. I was about to suggest the same two units.Don't know if the old EAD makes a receiver, if so, check i... 
Best Amp For Martin Logan Aerius i Under $2000
I second the blue circle suggestion.