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Powerful Tube Amp for SF Strads?
I have heard the Mac 275's in mono with the SF Elipsa's and it was truly beautiful. With the Strads, I would think the Mac 2301's a better choice. 
802D vs 800D vs 803D in Small room with open plan?
I actually run the 803d's with JC1's. Works great. Contrary to other posts, I did not see the "bang for buck" difference between the 802d's and 803d's. 
multichannel amplifier for B&W 805 S
If you can find a Cal Audio MCA 2500, it is great with the 805's. I ran that exact set up previously and even in a bright room it was fantastic. The Cal is a beast though, be sure you have adequate space. 
Tube Amp & Preamp for ML Summits?
Not exactly on point, but some suggestions that I have tried and like with the summits (but slightly over your budget):Parasound JC-1's with Blue circle bc3000 mkII preParasound JC-1's with CJ CT-5Blue Circle 206 with Blue Circle bc3000 mkiiBlue C... 
APL NWO2.5 ?
Yeah, heard that from you before smilin!!! When you are ready to upgrade your 2.5, I'll be happy to take it off your hands!!! 
New DAC to replace bel canto dac 2
Is the DAC 3 out? 
Yamaha RX-V1 vs Marantz SR-19
I have the RX-V1, have used it with several speaker sets, all in 5.1 config. I am not familiar with the Marantz or the Marantz house sound. I have found the RX-V1 to be pretty versatile, warm, and pretty musical in two channel. I have moved on to ... 
Conrad Johnson Act 2 series 2 First Impressions
How does the CT-5 compare with the Act 2 and the Act 2 series 2? 
Need balanced pre with HT bypass/remote/
Take a look at the Blue Circle Pre's 
Supratak v. Jadis and/or BAT
Just thought I'd bump this thread. Anybody? What about a comparison of the BAT and Jadis mentioned above if no supratek comparisons. 
Choice of tube amp?
What about the hybrid amps, the Blue Circle 206 for example. I'm currently using an original apl 3910, BC 3000MKII pre and BC 206 with the Summits. Pretty nice. Haven't tried the 3910 direct yet, will be trying that shortly just to get a listen. I... 
Plinius 9100 or Simaudio Moon i5 for Totem Hawks?
It wasn't part of your question, but I have used the BV Audio A300 (they now have the A300SE). Despite its lower power rating, it pushed the Forests just fine. Haven't heard the Plin or the Sim. I did, nowever, like the Krell with the Forests as w... 
Low-end Question
A bit off the thread, but the Yamaha single box solution (YSP series) might be a great solution here. You can check the YSP threads for more info on them. In a bedroom, the sound is pretty ok and little space is required. Other single box solution... 
pass labs x250.5 or plinius SA102 for summits
Velo - any update?? 
Pre-amp recommendation: JC-1/Talon Raven C/ARC CD2
check out the new blue circle pre, the PLS. A touch less than the Despina and fully upgradeable to Despina and beyond as funds permit.