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Who's to blame for the Grain??
Buy a tube integrated amplifier ,then upgrade your source, then your speakers 
Can I bi-wire Martin Logan CLS speakers?
One driver 1 pair of wires, electrostatic panels like cls are one driver you can only biamp multi driver speakers with more than one speaker connector 
How to perform a gain match two amp for bi-amping?
seems to me music works best when I ajust mine,when I use test tones I allways get to much bass 
Dust problems on high gloss surfaces
Try 3m micro fiber cloths way better than a swifer, swifer uses sillocon .3M cloths are just micro fiber they hold hudge amounts of dust without scraching .Martin logan sells them for $30 but you can buy them for arround $7 at[k mart ,janitorial s... 
High Caliber DIY Speakers
Second page full range for sale add title, dual oris 150 trihorn,You can do as good or better than the big companies with a little research and sweat .happy listening .JK 
Opinions on Antique Sound Lab "Tulip"
Sounded nice had problems with cosmetics they are slow to help with repairs and replacements,why not buy a pair of Wright 2a3s mono amps?.have owned 10 Antique sound lab amps most monos and its hit and miss with quality of build, but they do sound... 
Wisconsin - Anyone interested?
I could show up with a friend or too ,thxs John K 
Wisconsin - Anyone interested?
Hello my name is John K, I live very near Madison ,I could probly get a few audio geeks to show up with me .let me know when the meeting will happen .hope you guys like tube gear and horns ,lol. thxs .JK 
Anyone ever have claims for damage with UPS?
Thats why I ship threw the mail boxes ex. that my friend owns .UPS is real bad ,p/o is bad .fedex is probly the best bet in shipping.I think the problems with costumer service are across the board as far as big companys are conserned.Whats happeni... 
Anyone ever have claims for damage with UPS?
Ups owns mail box express .The insurance is allways threw UPS .Mail boxes at least the one where I do buisness always deals with UPS insurance for the costumer if they dont go do a diferant mail box express. 
Alternative to Avantgarde Uno?
Owned the duo 2.2 upgraded to a dual opris 150 horn much better than my avantgarde duo ,cost arround $9500 to build with dual 150 horns tweeter and dual 16in woofer towers with out board crossover and amps .Sounds close to the new trio.JK 
Anyone ever have claims for damage with UPS?
I have had to make claims for UPS shipping dammage took months to get a refund lots of phone calls ,now I ship threw Mail Box express if its dammaged they deal with UPS saves me much grief but costs more to ship . 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
chopped truimph,650 boninville ,hard tail open pipes scares the hell out of the cage drivers 
Round Two: Best Speakers for LOUD music and rock??
build a oris horn speaker or buy a avantgarde ,horns sound best with rock owned a few of the speakers you listed all sound slow compared to a modern horn stear clear of the old horn designs they are no where near as good as a tactrix horn ,With my... 
crimping vs soldering
To get a good solder conection ,you must have a good mechanical conection .so due both :)