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Anyone seen the ad for free Mi-Horns?
Tried them on 3 speaker ,changes the sound balance ,Not a good thing to do on a well designed speaker even sucked on my computer speakers .If horns are what you want buy the real thing these are just toys for the foolish but for free I tried them ... 
DJ Speakers for home use small room
I have a pair of comunity PA speakers 2 way 50hz-22khz used once will sell for $300 shipping inc. only a week old .JK 
Review: ZHORN FOSTEX Speaker
Hi Paul sorry didnt try that .Are going for the mini cain & cain studio ben? 
Have you tried the ART SLA-1 amp yet?
That amp has a fan in it ,I will pass ,doesnt look too exiting ,Antique Sound Lab Waves would be the better deal. 
Maggies & Logans: Why so many for sale?
I have owned 8 pairs or Martin logans and the descent sub also 2 pair of maggies .They are great speakers but since I have discovered Sensitive speakers and SET amps I can not listen to them any more They just dont touch my soul .Technically there... 
Review: ZHORN FOSTEX Speaker
TWL I used lowther pm4a new cone .Didnt like them too much they where very peaky .Used them in a dual oris 150 horn set up so ran 2 pair .They might be better in a back loaded horn .Thxs for your reply .Happy listening .JK 
Review: ZHORN FOSTEX Speaker
Hi Paul ,the Zhorn uses the new fostex fe168ez driver ,Thats one of the reasons I perfered the sound .I have heard the horn shop and zhorn on other gear .And if you look at what I demo them on you will see that its quite capable of reproducing wha... 
Review: ZHORN FOSTEX Speaker
Hi Lak ,both speakers have usefull highs up to arround 15khz, I would give the edge to the Zhorn .Tery cains abby is a nice speaker .But for the money I would go with the Zhorn .If you want more Hi,s you could use fostex t90a tweeters ,They even i... 
Review: WAVAC MD-300B Tube amp
I have owned 2 md300b amps .And I have used them with and without preamps .I perfer wihout but then again Iam running horns that are over 103db .Used it on other speakers works great without a pre if your speakers are over 95db.I have owned many ,... 
Replacing speaker drivers...Improvements?
Justlisten, 6years old drivers ? keep them .If you want to mess arround with DIY speakers check out madisound.com .They have replacement drivers and others stuff h#ll you could build a avolon edilon diamond,Great place .happy listening 
Do tube dampers really work?
Owned a audible illusions ,made an improvement 
Ok this will be a good thread.
I would have said the source 2 years ago but it seems to me that there are many affordable sources.So I vote for speakers I have tried listening to my $14000 horns on a sony boombox would rather listen to a great speaker this way then a cheap spea... 
Booming bass from my B&W Nautilus
Are the speakers spiked ?.You do probley have to move them away from the back and side walls, if this fails .Buy horns and a SET amp .just kidding.I havent had good luck with BMW . 
silly HT front/rear matching question?
Home theater is a waste of cash buy quality 2 channel your money goes alot farther if you really value music .Take care 
Hlp - my bookshelf spkr is like humpty dumpty
theres a white tack too samething ,easy to find and cheap less than $2