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Energy ESM-2 Anyone else remember them?
I used to own quite a few ESM and energy speakers back in the day ,my bro still uses a ESM 2 but the woofers where wrinkled in the sun at a party 12 years ago the things still work, go figure:) 
Embarrassing Tube Story
1 of my friends called me asked if he could store a electric piano in my garage for a few weeks ,he never picked it up, told me to toss it .But when I turned it arround it was full of like new tubes .most tested fine .Sold the 1s I didnt need kept... 
Krell --- Are the Newer designs better?
I am a tube guy but have owned 2 krell amps and a preamp .I found the fpb200c to sound better than the fpb300.Krells are wonderful amps great bass drive ,not much grain.Wish I still had the fpb200c It would make a great bass amp with my wavac runn... 
AI L1 sound better than AI M3?
Koll39 $1200 used on audiogon ,still miss it sold it on the gon ,went with a transformer preamp sounds a bit better but not as easy to use also no phono stage or active mode.JK 
AI L1 sound better than AI M3?
Wouldnt know about the sound of the M3A but I replaced my L1 with a Art Audio MK2 Preamp and it was much better sounding and very flexable compared to the L1 ,JK 
Should Escrow be Required?
I have purchased over $35000 worth of gear on the gon and sold close to as much, always pay by M/O ,always buy from members with good feedback .All items I sell are M/O only paypal charges much and pays slow. escrow is the same great for the buyer... 
Western union money orders iffy ?
Only postal money orders are safe best to hold the gear till the M/O clears also a bank will deposite a fake M/O in your account when it wont cash you are out of luck .Just be safe and check out the buyer and sellers feedback.JK 
AI L1 sound better than AI M3?
Cytocycle is right the L1 -3 have dual amp outputs 1 is buffered also the aux is the best imput, the cd is buffered?I think. took me awhile to remember .I could be wrong been awhile since I owned the L1.JK 
What to phase plugs do, and how do they function?
Well said Gs5556 ,they also look cool about all I could add to your fine reply 
AI L1 sound better than AI M3?
Owned the L1 thought they are the same except for the phono stage.I could see where a diferant tube might change the sound or maybe a bad one .Hope this helps.JK 
Madrigal Mark Levinson out of business.
I feel for all the folks who lost there jobs without notice. harman international can kiss my balls they will get none of my cash .Sure they knew what has going on ,just dont care enofe about the workers and there families to give them a fair and ... 
How did you get into this hobby?
Dad built me a pair of speaker when I was 12, they started to buzz bad and I tryed to fix them ,after awhile I just started over and built new ones that was 26 years ago still doing the same thing.JK 
Anyone Bi-amping with tube high & solid state lows
I think you would need arround 8 watts plus so 12 would work great .hope this helps I tried much gear to get a great match .JK 
Anyone Bi-amping with tube high & solid state lows
Gain problems for u,94db ,2 watts and 200+ on the woofers you are going to have gain problems ,94 db would be better to run a 300b or so[8+ watts] 2 watts will not work for you unless its only back ground music in a small room ,94db works out to o... 
Anyone Bi-amping with tube high & solid state lows
Wavac md300b tube amp on the horns ,threshold t100se on my bass towers ,works great tried tubes they sounded nice but where a bit weak in the low bass .JK