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isonic CS6.1-PRO ultrasonic record cleaner
Excellent review!  
Ultimate test of bass - Lana del Rey's A&W
Just a false boost in the master…    
What's all the fuss about late 70s and earl 80s run of the mill midfi turntables?
There’s a fuss? 😎  
Bose 901 VI flat?
I think you all scared the OP away 😎  
Bose 901 VI flat?
And a $140 receiver is not likely to drive these decently anyway.   
Amazon Music High Definition and Ultra High Definition Equipment Requirements
You will need one of these to grab the digital data from the phone to send to the DAC.  If the USB in the DAC has power, it can power and charge the iPhone.  https://www.amazon.com/Apple-Lightning-USB3-Camera-Adapter/dp/B01F7KJDIM/ref=asc_df_B01F7... 
Considering moving to separates with a tube preamp-appreciate recommendations
The comments so far sound good.    I love the Denon DCD-A110 SACD player.   
What is your experience with the Spin Clean?
The Pro-Ject VCU-ALU is my current choice.  why? Because it does a good job in general.  I’m not a bin diver, so seldom need US cleaning.  When a recent purchase rated as NM, came as a poor condition record, the softer brushes were not adequate. ... 
Learned something new today and it isn't good.
My ripping software removes PE also. I have my Lumin set to remove also, if detected. does not seem like a big issue at this point. much of my really good stuff is DSD anyway. man’s playing a CD in my Marantz SACD30n is really good.  
New take on CD vs Vinyl vs CD
Under my tower speakers -- Isoacoustics Gaia, other options?
Yes, spikes!   
Subwoofer boom is too much for me...
If it’s boomy, it’s not located properly, crossed over properly or set to the correct level.   
Best Basic CD Player (no SACD, USB, etc.)
@ Corelli… +1 on the Denon.  the upper end Denons sound really good, have excellent transpires and defent DACs    
A cartridge with more bite, please and thank you
+1 on the AT ART9XI mentions.    when I was shopping for my last upgrade, I missed the close-out deals on the ART9. Excellent and balanced sound.   
Liquid Stylus Cleaners
Ice never used this and don’t plan on it: https://www.analogplanet.com/content/time-put-away-onzow-zerodust