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Better CD Sound: The Search
Yes to Denon. I’ve sold many over my audio sales days. And yes, definitely upper range for better, more natural sound. Currently auditioning an open-box Denon DCD-1600 - a pure CD/SACD player, no ins and outs, just a straight player with no frills... 
Music Direct and my recent exoeriences
A: never had an issue with AA. B: can’t call and speak with a human at MD. Left a message, no reply. Just sayin’  
I’ve been very happy and impressed with my Rel T9iand the T9x is incrementally better. Very musical yet punch with home theater. Hi or Low input.  
SACD transport?
I’ve not had any real success with a pure SACD players, but have tried the Technics - excellent build, and DACs galore  the Denon DCD-A110 looks like a winner. A build like the Technics and all the top end of Denon.  Even the Marantz 30n doesn’t l... 
HiRes lossless FLAC Radio streams
Lumin App 7.0.6 still requires a login. I have the latest IOS and have not seen the update you speak of. What is your app version? 
Referent point
“And who is this mythical “tech” you speak of?”😜😂😂😂 good point. In the lack of self-assured knowledge, a phantom ‘agreement’ is often needed. This is about the 5th time I’ve seen this “discussion”…. 
Upgrade my CD player or futile effort?
OP, is streaming in your future? 
Demos - To Charge a Fee or to Not Charge a Fee?
@isochronism “I recall a sign above the counter of various service shops stating their hourly rate.  XX per hour. XXXX if you watch.”It’s xx if you watch; xxxxx is you worked on it first. Mine also had,”We’ll make this the best thing you’ve ever h... 
Cables that measure the same but (seem?) to sound different
@denverfred,Exactomundo 😎I just finished rereading Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. This is not to say that people who like particular cable more than another or deluded. 
older CD transport vs newer ones.
As I was looking for a streamer, the Cambridge Audio 851N came up. It is built like a tank and sounded good. But the Technics SLG-700 was a revelation in build and sound quality. Tray load was solid, but one has to carefully place the CD… $3,000 r... 
A Surreal Dream full of Audio Knowledge!
Thinking Out Loud
“I think my problem is that I approached things piecemeal, adding/substituting gear without realizing up front the problems in doing that.”Exactomundo 😎 
Streamer vs. new mac mini for 2 channel system
Lumin D2 user here. I’m a retiring IT consultant and hardware person. I have several notebooks around that could be used as a transport feeding a DAC. The D2 frees me from messing with a computer tied to my audio system, and the maintenance, updat... 
How important is it to have identical speaker cable length?
This depends on the wire gauge of your zip cord ;-) 
One box do it all
The CA Evo might be cool. Many here don’t think too much about AIO systems, and more are not fans of Class D. The all in one basically mandates class D. These might just work. Will you just be selling off your old separated?