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Does Anyone Else Member the Golden Age of Audio Insults and Product Degradation?
Suggestions for a Phono Preamp.
In that price range, don’t forget to try out a Parasound zPhono.  Really good for the price.   
Question Regarding New Item Damaged in Shipping
The manufacturer should send you a “cal tag” to return the damaged unit (at their expense), and send out a new one as soon as the damaged one begins to track.    t  hi minimizes down time for a customer while protecting the manufacturer as well. ... 
Suggestions for an integrated upgrade please
check our a Parasound Hint 6 https://parasound.com/hint6.php Solid stuff and brimming with plenty of headroom, dynamics and power.   
Lyra Delos or Hana ML
Someone asked about AT ART 9Xa… AT ART9XA vs XI  
Walmart, 97 cents, for Vibration Control
Thanks for the laughs all 😜😂  
Who uses ADS Speakers
In the mid 80s I sold ADS as well as Kef.  we regularly got “special purchase” deals from the distributors.  a very fine home audio speaker across the model spectrum.  And sorely missed in mobile electronics.    I had an ADS amp and speaker tri-a... 
Anybody use a single ended component with one that is balanced?
I’d you use decent quality RCA to RCA cables and they are fairly short, no issues.     
Think ill just go with a lumin
The D2 is a sleeper… excellent product.  there is a lot of whining about the app, but if one take the time and learns it, and also has good skills on music library organization, it works perfectly and sounds excellent. $$  it open box items exist.   
Help with Cartridge choice
If your stylus is in good shape, the Ortofon Bronze is quite good.  I retired an old Signet TK10ML and installed an Audio Technica ART9XI - very nice.  Consider an updated turntable - the New Pro-Ject Debut Pro looks quite good for $1,000.   
What are your favorite recordings that sound best to you?
My old Sheffield Labs vinyl, and GRP and DMP CDs.     
Roon Streaming Service actually Degrades the sound
I’m using a Lumin product, streaming from a Synology NAS.  I found that I needed much updating to my music library, but am willing to “do the work”.  There is a native UPNP server app that runs on the Synology.  I looked at the rune set up and fou... 
IS there such an animal?
My old BDP103 will play them, if you turn on HDCD processing.   
Horn speakers are really bright?
I’m consistently mystified by uploaded YouTube videos with the idea of judging system or music quality. However, I do like this discussion.  
Preamp Opinion
Try out the Parasound P6. Dead quiet, and flexible.