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Is there such a thing as a FOREVER DAC/streamer?
No such thing really.  however, some have firmware updates.  Take the Lumin (I have a D2)… since I purchased, there have been several updates.  it’s part of their DNA to continue the updates. For my non-vinyl purposes, this is possible my last str... 
Joni Mitchell remasters on the way
@dpop - +1 agreed.   
Joni Mitchell remasters on the way
I have these, often in multiple formats.  the early stuff is restored from older rape technology, and that is reflected in the n the vinyl.    some are Rhino, some are Reprise… in many cases they have limited the number of pressings.    the nex... 
Severe short term audio distortion when watching Netflix
Take a read here on PS Audio Hum Zero… do you have a cable modem? just a possible connection.  https://www.psaudio.com/products/humzero/    
Down sizing
Also look at the Parasound P6 or the JC2 BP - everything you are asking for in good price ranges. These are really will-designed kit at decent prices.  
Down sizing
Does the Tandberg not have a pre or mail out?   If so, pre-put>power In. Speakers on the power amp. All fixed.    
Lumin U2 Mini
Also, transferring files from the Vault is pretty easy.  muse the IP address of the Vault as in \\xxx.xxx.xxx and you will see three subfolders.  Some are the main storage, one is unknown albums, and the other is indexing.  fron there it is drag ... 
Lumin U2 Mini
1. It would be highly recommended that the music files be moved from the vault to a Nas or somewhere that has redundant storage. 2. My NAS runs the basic UPnP server to index and manage the music- the metadata, tags, annum art, etc.     then my... 
High Compliance Cartridge With Low/Med Mass Tone Arm
OP, enjoy your art9xi - great cart.   
DSP vs. active analog crossover vs. passive analog crossover. What is your take?
There us often confusion between the terms active or passive, Bi or Tri-Amping cam still use passive electronic crossovers.   I had a bi-amped setup with a passive crossover between bass anp/speaker, and then 2 level controls. Really clean and ... 
Can anyone tell me where the progress in audio went?
It went beyond a Youtube video of percussion only, and now can now reproduce a full spectrum from f music. 😜😂  
Your thoughts on selling
I get the angst here…   Discogs makes sense as they have a solid rating system for vinyl and sleeves.  however, mistakes happen… I purchased and received a 2LP recording rates at VG+, and one disc was nearly unlistenable, and had hard skips on ... 
Is there a strategy in preamp tube placement?
The best tube placement I have ever seen is in their sockets.   
Marantz SA-KI Ruby vs Denon DCS-A110 Anniversary Edition
I  tried out the Denon, and it was great.  returned as the supper could not get the color definition correct - they called it black, and Denon states it comes only n the silver color.    I ended up with the Marantz SACD30n, and have never looked ... 
From separate streamer and DAC to al-in-one suggestion
Lumin D2 is excellent for a streamer/DAC and with one setting you can be up and running with your existing stored library.  $2300 is list, and “open box deals” might get you 10% off.