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Ring radiator tweeters - the future?
Actually, plenty of speaker companies have used them. One of the first was nOrh 6.9SM, probably about 4 years ago, Sonus Faber, Audio Physics, Meadowlark, Krell, and a bunch of others currently use it. Some are uner the Vifa name, but basically th... 
What can come after Apogee Divas ?
There's still a lot of Apogee's in good condition floating around, just need to keep an eye on it. There is a Apogee forum somewhere, maybe someone can provide the link, that talked about where to get parts, I think from Australia.The other speake... 
Better power cord for Bryston
If you look through Bryston's website, they don't recommend aftermarket cords for their product, since they designed it, they should know. 
Any upcoming audio shows in the SF bay area
I think the next HE show for the west coast is in LA. I also was looking forward to HE2004 but was disappointed by the strike. 
Powering off vs leaving on
If a component fails because of switching it on and off too often, then it is not well design or have mediocre parts. Some examples of electrical things that switch on and off quite often that can last years (in some cases, decades) are the refrig... 
Amplifier maintenance for beginners
Not sure what kind of amp you have, but also make sure that it has plenty of clearance and space around it so that heat doesn't diminish its life span. 
How good is a Monster Power HTS 2600?
Also check out Belkins PureAV, they have outlets within the units specifically for amps with high currents so that it is not limiting:http://catalog.belkin.com/PureAV.process?Section_Id=202493Their prices are also much more resonable than other co... 
Marsh P2000T hybrid preamp....Should I modify??
Your microphonics might be related to the particular tube you are using, it might be cheaper to try different tubes first before modifying if that is your major concern. I've tried the Tung Sol brand with success on this pre. Also there are some t... 
Gallo Reference3 back orders
I think we also need to consider that Gallo was not prepared for how popular these speakers were going to be. Knowing how manufacturing works, I'm not too surprise by the long delay, especially since the plant is in China. Its cheapest to ship ful... 
Gallo Reference3 back orders
March 14th? I don't feel so bad now, April 11th for me. Hope you get yours soon. 
Inexpensive/solid 2-channel amp for rear speakers?
Check out Acurus amps, good build quality, sound and the price is excellent in the use market. 
Do You Remember Your First CD Player?
going strong still, a little noisy but easily drown with the music. 
Gallo reference /TAS vs Me
From the 6moon review, they didn't seem all that impress, they said that starting out with a good amp might render the SA redundant:"However, the sound more than filled the room and the bass for the most part sounded appropriately deep and fat. It... 
Gallo reference /TAS vs Me
There's a new review at 6moons with the SA amp:http://6moons.com/audioreviews/gallo3/followup.html 
Behringer - All The Way
Sputniks, what model number is that? thanks.