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Amps I Like
I’m not a favorite of Class D: to clinical, are detailfull, but i miss that “whaw”-feelings. Not so holographic, miss the spatial atmosphere.The best American Jeff Rowland :nothing sounds better.European: Ear!! (The best natural sound !!) H... 
Speaker wants 100 watt RMS. Is 40 watt tube OK?
Orpheus10 , you are right. Tubes gives a louder sound, but more correct. When the tube-amp is 40 W, than he gives constantly 40 W. I had a Copland 405 tubes (25w) ,with the Audio Monitor PL 300 (350w): In a room of 55m2. It sounded incredibly beau... 
The best looking speakers
The best looking speakers for you and your wife ! , is the. “Ilumnia Magister” or the “Ilumnia Vocalis” . And de sound is wonderfull. Look at :  The Magister about 30K and the Vocalis about 13000K. 
I went from Class D to Luxman A/AB - And most of what you think is wrong
Class D is to analytic. At the beginning, it sounds good, but after a while, you will miss something. It have no body, no personality.. you cann’t have “the” connection with the music. Our ears are analoque.For me,still the best is Class A:pure, n... 
AMP or Preamp
Replace the Yamaha and Rotel , for a Hegel poweramp, and even pre-amp. No McInt. Also a good option is a tube preamp.: Audio Note, Ear ,..Also a very good match is GamuT and /or Gato.Do you want an “American”: best option is Jeff Rowland. All thos... 
Is this sign of getting old?
When i was a teenager, i didn’t like Brel, Aznavour, Becaud,...20 years later,i had all the cd’s of them. You grow up,and the meaning of live, changes. You become a music lover, first a “hifi”, after a “high-end”: you discover more the beauty of m... 
Help selecting a new preamp
Audio Note M5,M6. 
Why a separate DAC?
My favorite is the Weiss Medea !!! Unbelievable good! 
Speakers better than Revel Salon 2
For me the best choice of speakers are:-Dynaudio Cont 60-Estelon Forza-Focal “Stella-,Utopia -, Scala- Grande-Marten Coltrane 3-Audio EVO-line-Audio Acoustics Sapphire -The best ever,with the most natural sound: Ilumnia Magister.!!!No :B&W,Son... 
Best DAC to go with Aurender N100H?
A special one: Weiss (CH) 
Problems with Paypal payment?
In Belgium is it not allowed because there are a lot of troubles with that.People pay,but don’t see their goods afterwards. 7 out of 10 people are cheated by foreigners..... 
An Audiophile is Anyone Who Loves Audio Regardless of Monetary Status. Agree?
Dear Douglas_schroeder: you can be an audiophile under $10 k. : if you enjoy it, love the music that you play, spend hours with it, and makes you happy: than you are one !! Begin small, and after a while, you start looking for better things......T... 
Pure Class A amps above 100 Watts?
Musical Fidelity AMS 100: very beautiful sound!! 
Pure Class A amps above 100 Watts?
Musical Fidelity AMS 100: very beautiful sound!! 
Have anyone experiance with the Musical Fidelity AMS 50 ?
As preamp., i have the Audio Note M5 phono, and the Luxman sacd D-06