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What components might I check into that have a small foot print?
Schiit, Peachtree, Cyrus Audio, Wyred 4 Sound, and a couple of offerings from PS Audio 
Solid State vs. Tubes - What if Transistors came first?
Shouldn’t aficionados be more appreciative of the best that different systems can offer rather than being all blue state red state about it? I had tubes for years, love ‘em, and now have solid state. Will very likely have tubes again one day. My c... 
What were your humble beginnings on the path to high end audio?
My first “killer system” by the standards of my earlier years came at about age 21. I moved up from my Yamaha receiver and bought a separate amp and preamp by Acurus. I also added an Acurus CD player. This powered a pair of $1,200 Canton monitors ... 
Integrated for Aria 906
 Have a search for used Devialet 120.  Extremely wife friendly,  built-in DAC and phonostage, great sound, upgradable, Probably a little bit more than your budget, but worth considering! There is one for sale on Audiogon for about $3k. When you wa... 
Another amateur in need of advice
One more thought on amps.  Some of the early Adcom amps and preamps were designed by Nelson Pass.  They can be had for $350 - $550 for a power amp and $300-$400 for a preamp.  This combo may be a steal at $650!  Check out what models were designed... 
Another amateur in need of advice
I agree with Inna, perhaps you can do better than the MoFi table for $2200, freeing up more for speakers... a mid level rega used can be really nice, with a higher end MM cart 
Another amateur in need of advice
 My advice would be to spend a significant amount of the budget on the speakers and the turntable/cartridge. I would go very light budgetwise on the amplifier, and yes you need an integrated amplifier. The preamplifier stage is quite important and... 
LP Cleaning
I started with a VPI 16.5, and years later, I upgraded to an audio desk vinyl cleaner pro. Both are great machines, albeit at very different price points.  With these machines there is very little danger of getting the label wet. Watch some YouTub... 
Bluesound Vault 2 vs NAD Masters Series M502
You might consider separating the functions and widen your possibilities. For example, if you use a computer to rip the CDs, then you don’t need a server with the CD drive, opening the door to many more systems. I’ve gone through various incarnati... 
Music Server Recommendation
 The guys at PS audio tech-support are awesome. I would give them a call and chat them up. They will be happy to give you 20 minutes of free advice. Their machine will handle USB , toslink,  ethernet etc. so it’s good to hear the opinion of the ma... 
Music Server Recommendation
I am very skeptical about the toslink converter idea.  
Music Server Recommendation
I made the mistake of paying for Roon for three years before I went lifetime!  My advice to anyone serious about digital music and who has a good experience with the trial, would be to just pay for the lifetime straight away. 
Music Server Recommendation
By the way, PS audio DACs with the bridge II sound way better than when using the USB input. I used to have a PWD mk II with Bridge II, and my experience with Bridge fed via Ethernet vs USB on that DAC was that it was no contest at all. Since you ... 
Music Server Recommendation
Roon lifetime subscription $500Roon Rock installed on an Intel NUC with i7 chip and an internal 1TB SSD for storage $700Ethernet to DACdone.thrilled!awesome!!! 
Can I Stream Tidal to PS Audio Bridge II & to a Blue Tooth Device Simultaneously?
Definitely give it a try. Roon is awesome by the way. I recommend the free trial followers by the $500 all in lifetime purchase. The annual is killer, the lifetime is worth it.