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Infirmations about audioresearch LS 26 "Gain"
I had an LS 25 for a number of years.  After experimenting, I preferred the high gain setting.  Good luck! 
Can I Stream Tidal to PS Audio Bridge II & to a Blue Tooth Device Simultaneously?
 That’s gonna be a challenging one. You can connect a Bluetooth transmitter to the pre-out of your preamplifier, but there’s no guarantee that that signal is going to be in synchronization with the original signal playing through your speakers,  t... 
Audiodesk Vinyl Cleaner Pro - Drying Issue
thanks all, I appreciate the comments and ideas.  I have been happy so far with my workaround.  Using the anti-static photography film cloth to wipe the record a bit during the drying cycle.  I simply gently cup part of the record as it spins in t... 
Audiodesk Vinyl Cleaner Pro - Drying Issue
@fred_s thanks Fred.  Let me ask you this: were you under the impression that the machine should fully and completely dry the records?  If so, are you ok with your work around?  Or do you feel that you should have your machine repaired? 
Vinyl lovers in Miami
Yes indeed! Let me know you’re back perhaps we could start with a beer :-) 
Vinyl lovers in Miami
I’m right up the street, and I am also a music lover / record collector :-) 
Wilson Audio SOPHIA II"s or III"s; good or bad passion.;on CJ gear ?
I have Sophia twos and I am very pleased with them.  My previous speakers were Rockport Mira monitors along with a wisdom subwoofer. That set up sounded outstanding, but I longed for a full size, full range speaker and really wanted to give that a... 
Which in the $500 and under range that. can accurately cover different fQ spectrum
Like you, I was after the best sound I could get from headphones. I realized however, that the quality I was after was not easy or convenient to have while traveling. I ended up  buying a pair of Audeze LCD-2 headphones and a Schiit Jotunheim amp ... 
Which laptop to stream Spotify to integrated amp via DAC?
Have you considered an Intel Nuc? 
RIP Dave Wilson
Hey guys, we can all jump on someone who made an inappropriate, rude, or controversial comment.  I totally agree that people should behave in a civilized manner on the forums, and many do not.  However, the man who made the comment in question did... 
RIP Dave Wilson
@roberjerman  nicely done. Far too many people on these forums don’t own up to their mistakes and allow (or force) conversations to get uncivilized. 
RIP Dave Wilson
@roberjerman please behave, we are paying tribute, not being rude. And by the way, if they are too expensive, you can do what I did, and buy an older pair used! 
Dire Straits : what is your favorite pressing?
@folkfreak thanks!So after some digging around online, and some philosophizing into the nature of record pressings, I decided to use this particular record, Dire Straits self titled debut, To do a real world sound quality experiment for my own ben... 
Dire Straits : what is your favorite pressing?
@slaw can you explain what vinyl/ds “s/t” means? 
Muddy Waters Folk Singer LP
@mikelavigne Well said, I hearfully agree. I also value both digital and vinyl, almost equally (with a small lean towards vinyl). Have you had had the pleasure of comparing the MoFi to the Analogue Productions version?