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How important is PC for CD vs Amp Pre
The biggest bang I have obtained for my buck has been with source component PC upgrades. Without getting into the details, because ... well, quite frankly I don't think I understand it all, with PC upgrades I found a noticeable reduction in the di... 
NjoeTjoeb 4000 VS Planet2000 "Ding Ding"
"New Tube" it is. Go to for more information on this player. If I'm not mistaken Upscale Audio is the importer of Njoe Tjoeb. Sorry I can't comment on the sound as I have zero experience with either player. 
Cheap Canadians
I agree about Canadian equipment (own several pieces), as I do with several of the above posts. Notwithstanding those opinions though, "Bigpoppabryston" just doesn't command the same respect. 
Scientist finds fungus that eats cd's
Since it is being reported by the Brits, hopefully it will just affect that stuff they call "aluminium". 
CD recorder advice sought
Throwing a monkey wrench in here, but I would like to recommend the purchase of a computer CD burner. I have owned two audio CD burners, one single and one dual, and I believe the investment in a quality computer CD rewritable can not be beat. The... 
Help with my University Research Project
What a refreshing idea. One that I am sure will bring a great deal of comments from both objectivists and subjectivists alike. Great food for debate. Keep us posted. 
20 amp ultimate outlet
Greetings, There are 6 or more threads on the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet here on AudiogoN. My read of the posts are more unfavorable than favorable reviews, but you should have a look for yourself. Search on key words "ultimate outlet". 
Don't see much on Silverline Sonata so..
Me2, ditto to what Artemus 5 said. Thanks. 
How does one get off the merry-go-round?
If memory serves me correctly, the only way off a merry-go-round is through the loss of one's grip. Forces that cannot be seen then pull you at break-neck speeds away from the comfort of friends into the sandpits of despair, ultimately leaving you... 
Maximum USPS Money Order is 700.
I guess I am missing something here. What is it that makes a USPS M.O. so safe? Sean's post sums up the way I look at any piece of paper that is used to pay for an item; every single one could be fraudulent. If a person is willing to risk his/her ... 
Are Sony SACD Machine Owners Crazy??
Whatjd, I think several people might be responding to the delta between CD and SACD formats and not necessarily to your question. I believe you are asking about an SACD’s playback of Redbook CDs, so I'll throw in my $0.02. From my listening expe... 
A little bit of Truth
Sorry Ez, but I am in agreement with the above two posts. More drivel from the "If I can't measure it, it don't exist ... all you people who think you can hear things must be loonies" crowd. Sure to spark a debate here, though. It's been a few day... 
Don't see much on Silverline Sonata so..
Me2, what will you be using to drive the speakers? I'm looking into Sonatas for a possible match with SET tube gear and am curious if you are in the same boat. 
Jumping into SE tube amps. Suggestions?
Asa, I was wondering if I was going to have a problem with the Line 3. Thanks for the heads up. Mayhaps some more thinking on how to best implement the SET rig is in order? Perhaps a redistribution of $$ to try and squeeze in a different pre? Stil... 
Impedance matching for preamp and amp
For information on the effect of the impedance, I suggest you look at a recent thread, "What is the Sound of Impedence Mismatch?". I found it interesting.