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John Dunlavy On "Cable Nonsense"
John Dunlavy's reputation notwithstanding, the proof is in what I hear, and I hear a difference. I would not consider myself a "Golden Ear", nor are all others that have experienced the same noticeable differences between various manufacturers' in... 
Best Sax Jazz
I'd like to add another Sonny Rollins, "The Blue Note Years". This is a '89 compilation of some his best work from '57 and '58. One of my favorites. 
Various CD Formats
The short answer to your questions concerning SACD and HDCD vs. (Red Book) CD is : 1) NO, and 2) YES. The decoding of an HDCD player requires hardware and software designed by Pacific Micronics incorporated into the CD player. The SACD format requ... 
question about BOSE reputation
Wholeheartly agree with Khomas' above post. I think for $3700.00, you can purchase a FAR better system, especially if you are willing to purchase used equipment. Just by your questions and comments, I would like to offer the following advice and c... 
if i could trade places......
My choice. I would say Robert Johnson, still alive of course, c. '67 (68?), in attendance at the Fillmore when Cream performed Crossroads. I wonder what he would have thought? 
DVD s reading CD-R s and CD-RW s
Kthomas, what media are you using? My Sony 7700 reads some media, but not others. On some media, it won't manually advance directly to a middle index point without going into some sort of grand mal seizure. 
Check this might implode.
I'd be very a'scared of launching that 1500 lb subwoofer compression chamber cover like the Hubble Telescope on a good Timpani roll. Yikes. 
need help with 5 channel amp
In regards to your concern about power, I drove Studio 100s in a surround setup for about a year with a Proceed Amp-5. At 125 watts per channel, the 100s could be driven to quite loud listening levels. Unless your room is quite large, the 100s at ... 
Best single-malt Scotch...
I don't drink Scotch so I wouldn't even dream of venturing a guess as to the Best. I just wanted to point out that it is soooo refreshing to see a thread where differences in brand names, product age and manufacturing techniques yield varying resp... 
cd players with volume control
Wow ... youse guys type fast! 
cd players with volume control
Not knobs, but analog volume control ... Resolution Audio CD-50 and 55, Theta Miles, Proceed CDP and Levinson 39 (sort of analog) to name a few more. 
Sony SACD Monsters: Already Obsolete?
Adhesiv, if you're still sticking around, I have a question for you. You seem to have some knowledge on the current info. Concerning the Pioneer SACD/DVD-A, why even bother having an SACD player at all? Is the PCM just for digital out? It doesn't ... 
Sony SACD Monsters: Already Obsolete?
Gmorris, and others, I stand corrected. Thought I read that, apparently not. Senility is a tragic thing ... especially at the age of 22. No wait ... that was 1980. 
Amp Hum
Sailor, given that your amp is older, I would guess that the transformer is the culprit, either de-lamination of the plates, or mounting ... but given what I have read here, I would bet the transformer is the problem. And not a problem that should... 
Sony SACD Monsters: Already Obsolete?
CW, I believe you will find that the SCD-1, as well as the 777, are already discontinued. There is a thread at the Audio Asylum that highlighted current and future plans based on some press releases.