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Amp for Aerial speakers?
Kyee, sorry but I posted at the same time as your last response. My response now is, "Oh, Never mind". 
Amp for Aerial speakers?
I'm not sure if your thread is requesting information on other amp matches with Aerials, or whether you wanted further information about the ATIs with Aerials. I read one review that was favorable to the combination, but I have not heard ATIs with... 
Sonic Frontiers Line 3 SE Tweaks
I've tried several tube changes with my Line-3 (NOT the SE model), and I think the single largest improvement was the replacement of the 6922s at position LV1 and V2 with Amperex JAN 7308s. I am not sure what the SEs have in those two positions, b... 
Best acoustical guitar - any type music
Good thread. I'm making a list. 
Jumping into SE tube amps. Suggestions?
Thanks all for the participation and recommendations. Time to start looking and listening. I'll be sure to let you know which way I decided, and hopefully provide y'all with some feedback. 
Jumping into SE tube amps. Suggestions?
Trelja, did you ever assemble your SET room? When I was searching yesterday, I came across a post where you talked about it. 
Jumping into SE tube amps. Suggestions?
Jaica beat me to the punch on finding information about he new Coincidents. Thanks again, Leafs. 
Jumping into SE tube amps. Suggestions?
Thanks Leafs. Any others recommendations out there? 
Song with only "Wa" "Wa" for lyric?
I suppose my guess of Charlie Brown's Teacher doing her rendition of "O' Tannenbaum", with Vince Guaraldi accompanying on keyboard, isn't right. 
Looking for a "Tube Guide"
An online resource is available at "". Understanding that I am a beginner in tube audio, it is probably not up to par with the references listed by Longplate, but I found some of the basics offered there interesting. 
Biggest soundstage in a CD Player ?
Lev335, that's a pretty interesting comment on the 39 vs. the SCD-1. What makes you say the 39 sounded better? 
Power Cord Challenge
Jhunter, I hope you are able to pull off this "PC Challenge". Sounds like it may be fun no matter what the outcome. You state that you are from the "BAD" camp, in that you don't suspect that there should be an audible difference between stock (o... 
Best Sax Jazz
Now, those are recommendations! WOW! 
Best Find Ever???
I wish that I were some of you folks, or the folks you know. Sadly, I am one of those people that would be on the losing end. Go figure. I do like Albertporter's response, however, do you think he can sell or trade the asset for more than is inves... 
dedicated lines, equal length?
Psjulian, could you elaborate on the "ground only" point? I must admit that I am confused as to your response, and I would have answered the same as Liguy. Thanks.