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Your favorite blues album?
Actually, my feet would be tapping ... if they weren't taping. 
Your favorite blues album?
Came across an interesting CD last week. "Booty and the Beast" by Popa Chubby. The songs are for the most part original, the recording quality is not too bad for a small label, and the serious, serious "Boooogey Woooogey" sound keeps my feet tapin... 
Jeff Rowland or Mark Levinson???
Thomasheisig, if you were aiming at getting a little spirited debate going, I think you hit the mark. I don't share your opinion toward ML products, but I am a Rowland owner. In the price range that I set for my purchase, I found a used 8TiHC to b... 
Jeff Rowland or Mark Levinson???
Jcb2000, which amps are on your short list from ML and JRDG? 
Power cable and proceed. Which one ?
IMHO the correct question should read something like "Which PC matches well with a Proceed PMDT?" I have tried a couple of different PCs with Proceed equipment as well as several other manufacturers' components. My experience is not that one PC ... 
Stereophile "coverage"
Well said Musicslug. 
While the response you provided from Electra Glide certainly isn't the best I have seen from an audio component manufacturer, I don't think the problem is theirs to solve. Unless you bought the PC from a dealer who said it would work in your appli... 
"Ringing from pre-amp
Without knowing why it worked, let me provide a possible solution that was recommended to me and was successful. I had a similar ringing on one channel of my Line-3 when I put in 7308s, and it was recommended that I swap the channels they were bei... 
Toslink Cable Upgrade?
There was a thread back a couple of months ago, and one individual claimed that the issue with Toslink was not the cable, but the sending and receiving boards/electronics used by the audio component manufacturers; I believe dealing with wildly var... 
PC Challenge Test Results
JHunter, I think the above posts express it well. Thanks for taking the time to run the test and providing your unbiased results. 
Rio Portable MP3 Player
I sprung for a couple of these for the kids for Christmas. The models I purchased are marketed by Nike[techlab as the [play120 (yes, the brackets are in the name) but they are manufactured by RIO. The selling point that got me on the Nike is the c... 
"Vintage" speakers...good idea?
Another good post at the 'Gon. The info you can pick up by just listening to the voices of experience is one of the reasons I enjoy these forums. 
Which volume do i use?
At "0" attenuation, or the highest output, the volume display on the CD-55 indicates "99". Sorry if I wasn't clear enough. Maybe the CD-50 is different? 
Which volume do i use?
I ran my CD-55 at "99", which I believe is what is recommended by Resolution if you are using a pre-amp. At enjoyable listening levels it allowed me to keep my pre at ~50% output. I didn't do a comparison of the CDP attenuator's response vs. the p... 
Highest B/B
I think your greatest bang for the buck if sound quality truly isn't an issue is in DJ/PA amplifiers. Fr'instance, a NEW Pyramid 300W 2-channel amp can be had for $200.00. Used amps can be had even cheaper on eBay. The added benefit of family Ka...