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New McIntosh amp build quality
I agree with roadsterlover. I also had a pair of MC275 VI's hocked up as monos. No problems whatsoever but I do prefer 2 to one. I now have two MC2301 mono's which I love even more. 
TIDAL-Who knows what you are hearing? Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
On my Aurender N10, I can search on Tidal Masters that are MQA only. This is my preferred way of finding and listening to music on Tidal.  
Recommended loudspeaker cable for my Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage?
I really like Acoustic Zen Absolute speaker cables (a silver copper blend) connected to my Sonus Faber Strads. They should be in your price range. I only needed 6' since my amps are next to my speakers. 
Any good right angle power cables?
I purchased a Voodoo 90 degree adaptor and just connected it to a straight power cord. It worked great. 
7M or 25 ft HDMI cable for 4K UHD
I also run 25' Blue Jeans HDMI cable from my Oppo 205 a 4K projector and have never had any problems. I only run video on the HDMI also. 
Question about McIntosh & BW 800 Series for sale
I wouldn't try to sell your system as a whole since not that many will want exactly what you have. Sell your system piece by piece, you will get more $ and it will be much easier to sell.  
balanced vs. unbalanced sound quality
I find the quality of interconnect wire to make more of a difference than the connection on the end. Just because a low quality cable has a XLR connectors doesn't make it sound better than a high quality cable with RCA connectors, especially for s... 
Aurender N10 - Sound quality performance is erratic
While I like using Tidal in HiFi - 44.1 quality for auditioning music on my Aurender N10, adding MQA to the N10 for less than $50 brought my sound quality up to where I really enjoy the sound. I have a MQA DAC and non MQA DAC. Tidal MQA streamed v... 
MC300 MC252 MC501 recommendations based on my setup
I don't listen to music all that loud but have used a variety of McIntosh amps. I did have one MC352 paired with B&W 803D's and it sounded very good. I then got a second MC352 to run the B&W's bi-amped which was even better. Then I went fo... 
New Aurender N10
I rip my CD’s to my NAS as AIFF and then use the copy feature on my N10 to also have them on the N10’s hard drive. I especially like that the N10 will do Tidal and unfold Tidal MQA's to my MQA DAC. 
C22 fully balanced?
I don't believe the C22 is fully balanced. The C1100 is. I do like the retro style of the C22. It looks good with MC75 or MC275 amps. 
Speaker Recommendation: 20K range
Everyone has different favorites for speakers. I had Acoustic Zen Crescendos paired with McIntosh 601 mono's and C2300 preamp and liked that combo quite a bit. I also second the suggestion for Harbeth 40.2 speakers. 
Down side of speaker swop from AZ to Tonian Labs ?
When I had AZ Crescendos, I preferred McIntosh MC601 SS monos over McIntosh MC275 tube monos but it was close. I loved the Crescendos but I did get the fever to switch things around. I have never heard the Tonian Lab speakers so I can't compare. 
All Quiet on the Oppo front?
stereo5, I am sure you will be glad you purchased one of the last 205's. I wasn't going to purchase one either since it can't stream Netflix or YouTube. I figured if I didn't like it I could sell it for at least as much as I paid for it. I am very... 
All Quiet on the Oppo front?
Below is the email I received on 5/9/18. I had entered my email address on the Oppo website about a month or 2 before saying I was interested in purchasing a 205.Thank you for your interest in the OPPO UDP-205. As we get closer to availability, we...