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Audia Flight FL phono vs Avid Pulsare
I have not heard the Avid preamp so I can’t comment on it. I do have a McIntosh C1100 tube preamp and an Audia Flight phono preamp. My C1100 replaced my C2300 tube preamp. Before I purchased the C1100 I thought I would be able to replace the Audia... 
Mcintosh mx120 vs 121
I replaced my MX120 with a MX121. I didn't notice much of a sonic difference between the 2 units, but I do like that I can go HDMI from my cable box into the MX121. With the MX120 I went HDMI for the video connection direct into my TV monitor and ... 
Lifters ForGetting Cables Off The Floor, Worth It Or Snake Oil
I have a dozen ceramic cable lifters in my system. I don't notice any musical difference using them or not but I do like the way they look holding up my 25' long interconnects from my preamp to my amps. I wasn't expecting to hear much improvement ... 
Isolation footers for amps
I use Stillpoints with Symposium shelves under my amps. Unfortunately I need two sets of each since I am using mono's. Sounds very good but expensive. 
Surround Equipment; McIntosh MC 207 VS MC8207 or Other Option
I am sure you will be pleased with the MC207 amp for you HT. That is a beast of an amp and looks striking with those 3 blue meters. 
Tube preamp with or without phono stage?
I was very happy with my preamp phono stage until I tried a better dedicated one. Unfortunately the dedicated phono stage cost more than the preamp. I feel it all depends on how much you want to spend and how everything works together in your syst... 
Buying a power cord from France, import duty and taxes?
I won't buy or sell anything outside of the USA. Too many problems can occur and shipping can be expensive, even with Canada. 
Surround Equipment; McIntosh MC 207 VS MC8207 or Other Option
I have a 8207 in my HT system and it works great with my MX136 or MX121. I find that I have had to keep both pieces McIntosh for the triggers to work correctly. My 8207 replaced my new 205 which had a buzz coming out of the left rear. The 8207 is ... 
Retermination Services in NYC
I would send them back to the manufacturer to have them properly re-terminated. I have done that with Acoustic Zen to switch RCA to XLR and to have cables shortened after moving components. 
New Mcintosh C-22
I had a McIntosh C2300 and now a C1100. I really like the retro looks of the C22. Paired with a MC275 or MC75 you would have a very modern system that truly looks retro. 
Need FLEXIBLE Power Cord .
I have found that WireWorld silver electra's are pretty flexible. I do prefer the AZ Guargantua II ( not flexible) and AZ Krakatoa's for better sound. 
Mcintosh processor
Sorry, I have never owned Krell equipment so I can't comment on it. I do prefer a separate preamp for stereo in passthru with a prepro for HT use that way you get the best of both. I was going to order an Oppo 205 to replace my 105D but after I fo... 
Mcintosh processor
I have used MX 136, MX120 & MX121 as prepro's in my HT system and like them all. For 2 channel stereo I put in a stereo preamp. For me it improves the 2 channel sound. 
Classic 3 VPI
My VPI Classic 3 belt does the same thing. I powdered it as recommended by VPI but as you said, it doesn't last long. I finally got used to the sound which stops after the platter gets up to speed and use it that way since it doesn't affect the so... 
help determining which Audience Phono cable matches best to my Lyra Kleos cart?
I haven't used Audience interconnects but I really like what I hear with my Lyra Kleos on my VPI Classic 3 TT going through Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper interconnects to my phono stage.