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All Quiet on the Oppo front?
Yes, I signed up for the waiting list at least a month or two before I received the verifying email that I still wished to make the purchase. The two dates were different.  
All Quiet on the Oppo front?
I verified my e-mail on 5/9/18. 
Aurender N10
My N10 lost internet connection the other night, I was installing the latest firmware. I just went into the Aurender app on my IPad and reinstalled it. Connected right away. 
All Quiet on the Oppo front?
I was on the list for the last batch of 205's and I received it yesterday. The audio and video is much better to me than my 105D (which I will still be using connected to my 205 for streaming and cable). 
Looking for ideas - new mono blocks for stereo music
I own an Esoteric K-01x and loved the sound paired with McIntosh 601 monos but when I switched to McIntosh 2301 tube monos the K-01x sounds much better - as in no digital edge. I wish I had used a tube amp sooner. 
what is the best option for one button controlled all HT?
Logitech Harmony remotes work great and are only about $50 but not sure if they can be programed for the lights. 
Have transports improved for Redbook CD playback?
Celander, I found the Oppo 83SE was a fine universal DVD player back in its day but a quality dedicated CD player will sound much better for Redbook CD playback. I would also recommend an Esoteric unit as others have. They are built like tanks and... 
What CD Player to replace McIntosh MCD550?
I replaced my MCD500 with an Esoteric K-03. I thought it was a significant upgrade in build and sound quality. I liked the K-03 so much, I further upgraded to the Esoteric K-01x. 
New Look for Audiogon hard to work with
Is this really going to be the new website? I hope that A'Gon is still in the process of updating and they haven't finished yet. I went to do a search on a manufacturer and all I got back was little pictures. Please bring back all the features of ... 
Should I eliminate my preamp?
Since you already have the components, listen with your own ears. For me, I prefer having my Oppo 105D going into a processor or preamp and then into the amp. That sounds better to my ears but possibly not for yours. 
Suggestions for amp to go with MX122
I would say the most obvious choice would be a MC8207 if you are using it for HT. They are made to work and look great together. I have never had a problem with mine in my HT system. 
Oppo Vs Esoteric
For me, the K-01x simply sounds amazing playing CD, SACD, DSD and other hi res formats. It is a very musical player. It does everything for 2 channel. My only problem with it is that I don't use it enough since I am  lazy and I need to get up to s... 
Oppo Vs Esoteric
rnrmf1971, I also have a Oppo 105D and an Esoteric K-01x. I find no comparison between the two players for stereo music. I much prefer the K-01x, but as you said, it is quite a bit more expensive. For surround sound in concerts and movies the Oppo... 
Oppo Vs Esoteric
atacgene, I don't believe Esoteric makes a surround sound SACD player. I have had a K-03 and now have a K-01x and they are both exceptional for SACD stereo sound. 
MQA•Foolish New Algorithm? Vote!
When streaming Tidal, I prefer the sound of MQA Masters over non-MQA. My problem is that there needs to be more MQA albums available on Tidal that I would actually listen too.